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Global Solar Supply is a premier , US based, provider of solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters and any other accessories needed for solar power systems. Solar system Engineering, Consulting, Advice Renewable energy is the future


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Global solar supply is one of the world’s premier solar renewable energy system provider. We are a US based company that specialize in the provision of solar panels, batteries, inverter and other accessories needed for the construction, operation and maintenance of renewable solar energy systems throughout the country and beyond.


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Renewable energy is the future and Our vision is to become the premier provider of renewable energy for homes, offices, boats, cars, communication systems, grid tied applications and stand-alone-type systems. We strive to continually provide affordable and efficient renewable energy systems for our clients.


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Why settle for more when you can get the most at an affordable price? We provide world-class renewable energy system parts supplies. Quality service have never been this affordable. You no longer need to break the bank for a stable and reliable renewable energy system.

As an authorized distributor for major manufacturers around the world, we purchase parts of solar renewable energy systems in large enough capacity to provide you with outrageous discounts that will help you save a ton of cash on individual purchases.


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Our core values and work ethics are built around commitment to service and delivering unwavering value. We are fully dedicated to our clients cause and following through on all our promises.

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Our tale of excellence, get acquainted …..

Global Solar Supply is a cutting edge company that specializes in the supply of solar panels, systems part and cables. We are one of the largest cross-sector suppliers of solar renewable energy systems. We service a wide range of industries including the finance, construction and agricultural sectors.

We started out as an electrical contracting company that specialized in industrial electrical installations. Global solar supply is a brand birthed from a one time job offer for the supply of renewable solar energy system components. Due to our versatility and resourcefulness, we were able to adapt and thrive in the new, untapped renewable energy industry.

Global solar supply has since become a major suppliers of renewable solar energy systems. We are dedicated to providing highly affordable, high quality renewable energy systems to all our customers across the globe.

We are your no. 1 choice company for the best, high quality installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems. At Global Solar Supply, premium service is what we guarantee. We always deliver on our promises.

Our impeccable track record speaks loud of dexterity and dedication to service!

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We can be reached 24/7 at our help@nullGlobalsolarsupply.com or call us at 805-218-1151 

We only offer the Highest Quality Solar products from major tier one manufactures

We strive to ship your order as quickly as we possible can

We are a customer obsessed company and will do our best to help you with your solar system parts and equipment.

Please use our contact us page to send us a Email or give us a call at 805-218-1151

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Over the past decades, we have provided sustainable energy solutions through the development of solar energy projects targeted at improving energy availability across the globe. We are a certified C-10 electrical contractor, fiber optics installer, remote interface control and DC power systems expert with extensive background in SCADA. The invaluable skills we have garnered over the years has enabled us to successfully deliver high-quality solar projects for the provision of reliable electricity.