Hi there I’m Joe Omweg this is me I think for now I will be using this page like a note pad or blog  for my thoughts about who I am what I have accomplished, what I’m working currently on so far it’s is a basic list of thoughts on website development, traffic and sales funnels, differ sales and social media channels I will be adding and trying to answer each of the items below and more as they pop up in my thoughts s or are cast in front of me as we continue to grow our web site and may use these thoughts to make and grow our other web sites

First started writing this on Humpday must be the kid in me but that’s funny

I think I will try to contribute something to this page every Humpday from now on.



who am I well this is me !

what have I done lots of weird stuff what have you done?

what do I want to do thats a deep question lets talk about that

what do I hope to do with this page and this web site

how do I grow my web site traffic

how do I do social media for my business

what sales channels do I sell on and why

wha rare the pros and cons of selling online

what about comparison shopping sites

using videos on your web site and on social media

what is a sales funnel and how do you make one

Are you making a web site  or are you making an e-commerce web site these are two very different animals

would I make either type of web site again ? Yes absolutely!

figuring out how to use your Ecommerce web site as the dashboard for selling across many sales channels

what is a call to action  and how can this be a game changer for you

finding the right team members

How to find freelance workers

what is,  find the status and load speed of your web site  at this site


here is a interesting article on selling more

Sell on Google Express with Shopping Actions