BlueWave Solar teams up with Laketricity to develop ‘floatovoltaics’ in Massachusetts

BlueWave Solar announces a joint venture with Laketricity, a company from Ciel & Terre. Image: Laketricity.

BlueWave Solar has entered the floating solar space, thanks to a joint venture with Laketricity, a Ciel & Terre company.

The agreement will see the two look to develop projects in Massachusetts, with the intention of expanding throughout the Northeast region of the US.

“We are thrilled to work with the world’s leading floatovoltaics provider to bring floatovoltaics to New England,” said John DeVillars, co-founder and chairman of BlueWave Solar.

The company focuses on duel-use solar development, or agrivoltaics, and has developed over 155MW of projects to date. This includes a number of community PV projects, such as two completed in 2018 together with Ameresco.

BlueWave hopes bringing this expertise together with Laketricity’s innovation in floating solar rigs and technology will allow the two to develop unique solutions.

As the development arm of Ciel & Terre, Laketricity is focused on C&I and utility-scale floating solar development. Its parent company has installed over 230 floatovoltaic projects globally, and 21 projects in the US with a combined capacity of over 162MW.

“Partnering with BlueWave is a natural fit for Laketricity as we combine the respective strengths and experience of our teams to develop a sizeable portfolio of floating solar projects in New England,” said Alexis Gaveau, CEO of Ciel & Terre and president of Laketricity USA.

Floating solar is expected to be especially important in areas like Massachusetts where building on man-made ponds and reservoirs could help solve land use problems.