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We will be doing one or more of these types of post going forward as it is something we are already providing other clients through email it is aimed at quickly moving solar panels and other parts that will probably be sold out prior to being added to the GlobalSolarSupply.com web site. some have pricing others you will have to call to get pricing and availability and keep in mind if it is on this list it is probably going to be gone fast and we can not guarantee that we will still have these items available. give us a call we can help you with your solar needs  1-805-218-1151

Q cell 350W panels Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G6+ 350W 120 ½ cell modules cost $172-4 each based on quantity ordered  in stock Sacramento area suggest shipping these to installer or other staging location as time specific delivery is not available from this location https://globalsolarsupply.com/product/hanwha-q-cells-q-peak-duo-g6-350w-mono-solar-panel/ pallet quantities


Panasonic VBHN340SA17 340W black frame on white back 96 cell HIT Solar Panel cost $345.00 https://globalsolarsupply.com/product/panasonic-340w-pv-module-mc4-pv-wire-40mm-bow-vbhn340sa17/ pallet quantities

Phono 370W mega watts of these very motivated seller /Manufacturer probably get them for  all are in NJ now container only quantities

VSUN 345W lots of these may be some in Calif most east coast however at the price and they are a motivated seller / manufacturer  in container quantities

panels not currently on our site we have

REC  355w black on black  REC355AA BLACK $235.00 each 400+  and the REC365A 365W black frame  on white back 120 cell less than 100 in stock $240.00 each  both of these are in Sacramento area and cannot guarantee delivery time .


Canadian solar CS3U-375-MB-AG  375W panels 144 ½ cells under 400 of these in LA $152 each pallet quantities


Panasonic VBHN325KA03 325W 96 cell under 200 of these left in LA and they are pricy $292.00 each


This list just arrived  most are 60 cell unless noted all are in California


Q-CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 315  315W black frame on black back  19 units


Q-CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 320 320W black frame on black back  112 units


Q-CELLS Q.PEAK DUO-G5 325  325W  black frame on white frame    505 units


Q-CELLS Q.PEAK DUO-G7 320 320W  black frame on white back 1175 units


Q-CELLS Q.PLUS L-G4.2 340 340W 72 cell silver frame  on white back  270 units


REC295TP2BLK    REC 295 W 60 cell black frame on white back 8 units


SOLARIA POWERXT-365R-PD   365W 60 cell black frame  on black back  only 5 of these left


I may have 3 of these in fresno Q-CELLS Q.PEAK-G4.1 310


Sense energy monitor I think all systems need one of these or something like it. This allows the customer to not only monitor what their solar array is generating it also monitors the power usage and give them info on what and how they are using their energy all on a app that is accessible from any device and  in an easy to read bubble based display lots of info for your customers about their energy habits.




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