Can you get solar parts during the COVID-19 outbreak? Leave a comment

Hi There

COVID-19 is capturing the news cycle and is affecting everyone. It does not matter if you have the virus or not you life is being affected in some way by the outbreak. here at we hope that you are safe and that you are practicing social distancing and Washing those HANDS of yours often.

That being said I wanted to let you know that we are still shipping all the solar parts that you need and want as quickly as we possibly can and will continue to do so as long as we feel safe, comfortable doing so or as long as we are legally able to. Some items may be delayed if the supply chain dictates however we are committed to getting you the solar equipment you need and want  no mater what solar parts you need we are here to help

Stay STRONG, SAFE, HEALTHY  and WASH YOUR DIRTY LITTLE HANDS working together even as we social distance from each other we will get through this.



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