Dutch installer Zonneplan launches maiden smart grid system that tracks prices in real time

Zonneplan will allow customers to trade energy through a P2P systems. Image: CoCreatr

Dutch solar installer Zonneplan has launched its first ‘smart grid’ system called that will offer customers energy based on real-time prices.

Launched this week (15 November), Slimme energie (Smart Energy) is a virtual power plant (VPP) and peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading system that aims to completely digitise the generation, purchase, sale and storage of electricity.

Zonneplan has been developing Smart Energy for over two years and received permission from the Dutch consumer watchdog to supply energy more than a year ago.

Through an app and via use of a smart meter plug-in dubbed Zonneplan Connect, customers can see what the electricity price and the percentage of renewable generated electricity on the grid every hour.

“We provide insight into the hourly prices for electricity, show what percentage of the electricity on the grid during that hour actually comes from the sun and the wind and we also provide insight into the customer’s energy consumption,” said Zonneplan CEO Paul van der Klooster.

Zonneplan is currently developing a home charging station and has plans for a home battery storage system. “Our technology will soon control these devices automatically and wirelessly. People with a Zonneplan Connect will soon form the largest connected smart grid in the Netherlands. Everyone can then buy, sell, generate and store their own electricity,” said Van der Klooster.