Electricity Sector Leaders Start Alliance to Meet Canada’s Emissions Targets

Six associations representing the leading suppliers of electricity to consumers and markets in Canada have announced the creation of Electricity Alliance Canada (EAC), a coalition promoting the power of electrification to lead the way to a sustainable energy future.

The founding members are Canadian Electricity Association, Canadian Nuclear Association, Canadian Renewable Energy Association, Electricity Human Resources Canada, Marine Renewables Canada and WaterPower Canada.

Electricity Alliance Canada’s mandate is to enable, promote and advocate for the increased use of electricity throughout the Canadian economy to help achieve Canada’s net-zero emissions target.

Canada has committed to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 40% to 45% below 2005 levels by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050. The new commitment to achieving a 100% net-zero emissions electricity sector by 2035 will be critical to our success.

Canada already has a clean electricity system; more than 80% of the power supply comes from non-emitting hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, solar and marine renewable generation. The remaining coal-fired power plants are being phased out by 2030.

But even more non-emitting electricity will be needed to support the electrification of transportation and buildings, the production of hydrogen, and the decarbonization of industrial processes and resource extraction.

Numerous studies envision Canada’s demand for electricity doubling or tripling as they move to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions across the economy by 2050.

Comprehensive strategies and collaboration among governments will be required to facilitate the increased use of electricity to power transportation, buildings and industry at the scale and speed required to ensure Canada’s net-zero targets can be achieved. Canada must rapidly deploy existing technologies, train the workforce for the required skilled jobs, advance nascent technologies, and connect all the components in a more integrated manner across our national grid.

“Electricity will power Canada’s energy transition and create many new well-paying jobs,” state association members in a joint statement. “We are pleased to announce this enhanced collaboration to advance discussion and implement strategies that promote greater electrification in a way that is sustainable, reliable and affordable. Electricity Alliance Canada looks forward to working with governments and energy users to capture the full potential of electricity to contribute to Canada’s net-zero target.”

Image: Photo by MICHAEL WILSON on Unsplash

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