Energy Wyze launches AI-backed tool to automate solar sales process

A solar installation underway in the US. Image: Sunrun.

Energy Wyze has launched a new technology which facilitates automated booking and lead generation services for the residential solar market.

The artificial intelligence-based ‘bot’ technology accurately gathers information from prospective customers, coordinating appointments and connecting each with an ideal solar provider without the requirement for either party to be in direct contact with the other.

Energy Wyze, a subsidiary of solar service provider SinglePoint, said the combination of the technology alongside its existing Solar CXM service would help streamline the sales process and create a “seamless experience” for customer data management.

The technology is to be rolled out in Utah, Virginia, California and Connecticut first before being expanded into Colorado and Texas ahead of a nationwide launch.  

Joe Hupp, COO at EnergyWyze, said the technology promised to “instantly” solve the issue of following up with customers, which he said was a common problem for solar installers in the US.

“The user experience was a top priority in the development of the AI technology, and it is able to simulate a two-way conversation. Users are able to enter a message as though they were communicating with a human representative via Text Message, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger, and the AI is able to reply in kind.”

This year is expected to see sizeable residential solar installations in the US as the market continues its strong rebound from the pandemic-beset 2020. Solar installers in the US are reported to be expecting annual growth rates upwards of 30% with bookings remaining strong throughout the year.

This week market research firm WoodMackenzie placed Q2 2021 residential solar installs at 974MWdc, just short of the 979MWdc record set in Q4 2020, with many installers reporting record-breaking months for sales towards the end of the quarter.

The growth in demand for residential solar has placed new importance on back-end solutions to source and process leads and build on customer relationship management. A key part of Tesla’s strategy to regain the market lead in US residential solar and deliver the market’s lowest-cost solar product has been to utilise sales processes and tools developed initially for its electric vehicle sales function.