Exceptional online auction of solar cell production lines

The MDI solar cell line under auction. Image: Troostwijk Auctions.

Two state-of-the-art solar cell production lines are currently up for auction until 29 June 2021.

Industrial auctioneer Troostwijk Auctions is offering a Midsummer Duo solar cell line and an MDI (Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co LTD) solar cell line. Both lines are made in 2018 and are currently located in Järfälla, Sweden.

The lots are already open for bidding and start at €600,000 for the Midsummer line and €100,000 for the MDI line. Pictures and technical details can be found on the auction website www.troostwijkauctions.com (auction n° 37207) or via the Troostwijk branch in Belgium.

For close inspection of the lots, it is possible to visit the site by appointment.

Solar cell production lines details

Lot 1 is the Midsummer Duo line, a fully automatic deposition tool for thin film CIGS solar cell manufacturing. Designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimised layer uniformity, superior material utilisation and energy efficiency.

The DUO tool deposits the complete solar cell material stack in an unbroken vacuum chain, creating a durable solar cell that requires few post-treatment steps. All materials are deposited by sputtering onto flexible stainless-steel substrates in the entirely Cadmium-free process.

The unbroken vacuum chain allows for a less stringent clean room environment while also minimising the risk for contamination. The Midsummer tool produces individual flexible cells on pre-punched 156x156mm, thin stainless-steel.

Lot 2 is the MDI line, composed of: MDI 4 scribing heads: 1 laser from Photonics Industries (RGH-532-6) 6W@100kHz 6ps pulse width, 532nm, 3 diamond needles XYZ + 0 or 90° rotation table. Dust collection system, cooling system, manual loading, automated patterning with the scribing heads, recipes and recipes jobs storage.

Auction details

Auction closing: June 29, 2021 at 14 :00 (GMT +2)

Visiting by appointment via email: j.dauwe@nulltroostwijk.be

Contact: Troostwijk Belgium: : +32 (0)3-287.62.62

Auction website: www.troostwijkauctions.com

Auction number 37207