FIMER Expands String Inverter Solutions to C&I Market

With renewable energy, led by solar power, potentially making up 80% of the growth in electricity generation over the next decade, FIMER has introduced its new PVS-10/33-TL three-phase string inverter solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. 

According to the International Energy Agency, it is now consistently cheaper to generate electricity by capturing the sun’s energy than by burning coal or natural gas in most countries. Designed to cater to the increasing demand for flexibility in C&I sectors, the new range extends the company’s existing string inverter portfolio to offer a host of additional performance features and address any kind of application, notes the company.

“Last year was challenging for the sector but one thing we know for sure is that demand for solar power will continue to increase over the next 10 years,” says Filippo Carzaniga, chairman of FIMER. “In response, our team of R&D and product management experts built on their extensive experience in inverter manufacturing to create our new PVS-10/12.5/15-TL and PVS-20/30/33-TL platforms.” 

Available in outputs from 10 kW to 33 kW, the string inverters offer high power density and strong energy harvesting potential. With built-in digital capabilities, PVS-10/33-TL is designed for simplicity: it is flexible enough to fit anywhere and can be easily installed in new or existing plants to provide lower installation and maintenance costs. FIMER says the new PVS-10/33-TL platforms offer key benefits, including quick installation, easy handling and maintenance, and fast commissioning with the company’s Installer for Solar Inverters app. 

The inverters feature current monitoring on each string, which can reach up to 1100 V DC input voltage, allowing for longer strings as well as the ability to operate across wider temperature ranges. The range has been designed with higher input current readiness on the 20, 30 and 33 versions.

FIMER’s new PVS-10/12.5/15-TL and PVS-20/30/33-TL platforms will first launch in Italy, France, Germany, Thailand, India and Australia, followed by a global rollout planned in the first half of the year.

Photo: FIMER’s PVS-10/33-TL three-phase string inverter

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