Golf Cart Solar Chargers

here we have some good options for charging your golf cart with free clean solar power these solar golf cart charging kits have everything you need to properly charge your 24,36, or 48 VDC golf cart with a genasun solar boost charge controller powered by one or more solar panels with wiring fusing and mounting hardware. Depending on the amount of wattage that you supply the charge controller with and the available sunshine these two factors will determine the speed of charging your golf cart with the sun. A large 300+ watt solar panel is easiest to hook up mount and looks the best in my opinion however solar panels over about 200 watts are difficult to #hip and require freight shipping however 2 pr more smaller solar panels will give you the wattage to efficiently charge your golf cart yet still be easily shipped to you through regular shipping carriers (UPS USPS, FedEx) we have created a few different kits below to help you decide we can also create a custom kit just for you