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Thank you for your interest in Global Solar Supply.

We understand all of your questions about Solar energy, we all start out with lots of questions.
How do I start, what are the right parts and system configurations for my property, can I do this alone, what are the costs, what is the timeline, how does solar power get properly stored? How does it really work. How do I go off the grid? What are the true savings?

There are no wrong questions.

We are Family owned and operated solar supply business committed to Solar and renewable energy. We are not only a trusted wholesaler of solar parts and supplies, we want to be your “Go To” resource for initial and ongoing questions regarding off grid, residential, utility and commercial solar projects.

While the electrical grid is not going away anytime soon, Solar however, is advancing at a record pace. Solar power has the ability to reduce the overall load on the electrical grid and has the properties to act as a standalone system for a variety of common devices that are now connected to the grid. These possibilities only increase as Solar technology advances and the existing grid ages.

Our passion is helping you run Solar for your residence, RV, boat, remote communication systems, off grid Solar projects, wind & remote power systems, grid tied applications and standalone type systems.

We specialize in helping you put together entire systems for your solar projects, both small and large. We are one of the most active participants in the solar supply field, we update our products daily and are constantly adding quality Solar American Made products to our site. If products do not pass our rigid test, we wouldn’t even think about selling them to you.

Solar power is changing how we think about electricity and energy use in general.

Get in on the conversation.

We welcome your calls and questions. Thank you for being part of our growing business.

Joe Omweg – Founder
Global Solar Supply
Ventura, CA


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