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All the things we need to survive, food, water, air, and shelter, derive from natural resources. Some resources are used every day in ways we often don’t think about. Unfortunately, people often waste natural resources and introduce unnatural things into the world’s environment. The use of natural resources affects our lives with the slowing of pollution, economic growth and making electricity use more efficient.

Slowing of Pollution

Natural resources are exactly what the name describes them as; natural. Because they come from the earth, they go back into the earth and cycle through without harming the rest of the environment. As humans find ways to capitalize the benefits of these resources, we reduce chemical waste and slow pollution down. Getting rid of toxins in your home, opting for energy efficient cars, and recycling all have an impact on the air we breathe and it’s level of cleanliness. As part of the clean air act, according to Columbia Law School,  government regulation has been encouraging companies to make advancements in slowing their climate waste and pollution.

Economic Growth

The use of natural resources has the ability to directly impact economic growth. By using the natural output of these resources, we are not only able to satisfy human needs, but transform them into a good and service which enhances the economic value for society. According to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, economic growth is linked to the careful stewardship of our natural resources. As the economy begins to implement natural resources, like solar, as a solution to meet human needs, the economic growth will naturally increase.

Make Electricity Use More Efficient

Electricity is used in virtually everything we do. Natural resources such as coal and natural gas are the primary makers of electricity. According to Veterans Off-Grid, we can conserve these precious elements by conserving our electricity use. We conserve energy when we turn things off or unplug them when not in use. Opting to use more energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs, and even smart technology will also help conserve energy.

As the human population increases, the number of natural resources used also increases. Some resources like solar and wind can be used without depletion or pollution. Others, like coal and gas come at a cost with the excess toxins released. It is important to know how natural resources affect daily life so you can conserve and promote the health of the earth for many years to come.

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