How to Choose the most Reliable Battery

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All the power you need under one roof

We can say with certainty that 2019. is a year of solar batteries. The world’s leading manufacturers of solar batteries have realized that reliable power is absolutely essential, so the race for the best performance is underway. Today’s batteries are specifically engineered to support renewable energy systems with large daily loads that cycle regularly, and to deliver high capacity power when you need it the most.

How to choose the best battery for the solar power system?

If you are thinking about off-grid solar panel system solution which would enable you independence and comfort of using free energy, or you are interested in hybrid systems that allows you to stay on the grid – with priority consumption of electrical energy from your own energy supply, stay on this page!
Here are a few essential characteristics to consider when choosing the most efficient energy storage unit:

• Battery capacity – the amount of electricity that can be stored in one battery, measured in Ah (amperes per hour). Each battery has its nominal voltage, so we can easily calculate the amount of stored energy, measured in kWh (kilowatt hour). This is the amount of power that a battery delivers in one hour. In order to accumulate the desired amount of energy, installers are connecting batteries in series or in parallel, depending on the rated voltage of the battery.

• Round-trip efficiency – the ratio of the produced energy from the PV system and energy which is obtained from a battery, measured in percentages. The range for the value of round-trip efficiency varies from 75% to 90%, and we recommend choosing a higher percentage of efficiency.

• The depth of discharge – the level of battery discharge in relation to its overall capacity. Each manufacturer recommends a maximal percentage of discharging stored energy which battery can withstand until the next charge, in order to keep its optimal performance.

• Battery lifespan – it implies the number of charging and discharging cycles, during which solar battery works with its nominal capacity. It is the most important feature when choosing the right energy storage for your solar power system. Earlier, solar batteries had a lifespan from 2 to 8 years, but now, with new production technologies, you can find more durable batteries with the lifespan up to 15 years.

Let’s reach higher efficiency for higher returns

To power your day and night, manufacturers have improved the capacity and power of today’s batteries, as well as their round-trip efficiency, depth of discharge and a battery lifespan. Besides they are used in solar panel systems, because of their durability and reliability, solar batteries are also used in other industries, such as telecommunications, signal systems, as well as for the storage of energy produced by wind generators. They are installed in ships, yachts, floor cleaning machines, electric wheelchairs, and wherever exists a need for independent and stable power supply.
These days, the solar power system is not rocket science anymore, so every experienced solar panel installer or solar dealer can offer you a complete off-grid solution that meets your needs. We are at your disposal to develop the optimal solution for you and also help you to choose the best solar installer company in your neighborhood. When you select “Global Solar Supply” you have all of our experience, technical support and assistance behind you!

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