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Installing solar panels on a home or commercial building can be a great way to save money on electrical bills. However, it is important to remember that these objects have an electrical charge, and a person could be seriously hurt if they aren’t handled properly. Let’s go over a few ways to reduce the chances that a worker is hurt while installing, repairing, or replacing a solar panel:


Failure to ground an electrical connection could result in an arc flash or other types of accidents. According to Creative Safety Supply, two-thirds of electrical injuries occur because of employee negligence. In many cases, accidents happen because employees are not properly trained. Ideally, new employees will go through a safety program that includes shadowing a more experienced worker who has a verified safety record. It can also be a good idea to provide a refresher course for veteran workers to ensure that they can unlearn any bad habits that they might have developed.

Wear Protective Gear

The heat and light caused by an arc flash could injure anyone in its immediate vicinity. It is also possible for this type of event to create shrapnel that can hit or become lodged in an individual. Therefore, employees should wear goggles, gloves and other types of safety gear whenever they work with a solar panel. Boots with steel toes should also be worn by anyone who is working with electricity. According to Results Staffing, protective gear goes beyond boots and goggles. Make sure to also include hearing protection, respiration protection, and skin protection as needed. Employers should make sure that protective gear is comfortable and stylish as it makes it more likely that workers will wear it consistently.

Don’t Do It Alone

It is never a good idea to work with electricity without the help of at least one other person. Ideally, electrical work will be performed by a professional who has the experience and knowledge needed to do the job safely. Anyone who works with solar panels should have a cell phone and a first aid kit handy in case an accident occurs. These tools can make it easier to render assistance or call for an ambulance in seconds as opposed to minutes or hours.

Those who work with solar panels should do whatever they can think of to ensure their safety. Employers should also make sure that worker safety is a top priority and that they are taking steps to ensure that safety rules are followed. By keeping workers safe, companies can reduce their liability in the event that an accident occurs—and protect the people they serve.

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