Invenergy’s Samson Solar Energy Center Poised to be Largest in the U.S.

Invenergy, a privately-held global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions, says its 1,310 MW solar energy generation facility will be the largest in the U.S. upon completion. Currently under construction in northeast Texas, the Samson Solar Energy Center will support the sustainability objectives of five major consumer brands and supply power to three Texas municipalities.

“Invenergy continues to participate in the energy transition, and this project demonstrates our expertise at a new scale,” says Ted Romaine, senior vice president of origination at Invenergy. “The Samson Solar Energy Center is the latest example of what can be achieved when companies and utilities seek an innovative partner to meet their sustainability goals and invest in a clean energy future.”

As a partner to commercial and industrial renewable energy customers, Invenergy has contracted more than 3,500 MW of wind and solar capacity to help more than 20 different corporate users across six U.S. markets and in Mexico to reach their sustainability and clean energy goals.

Samson Solar is one of many Invenergy developments and will provide Texans with cleaner, cost-effective power through agreements with:

-AT&T: 500 MW
-Honda: 200 MW
-McDonald’s: 160 MW
-Google: 100 MW
-The Home Depot: 50 MW
-Bryan, Texas: 150 MW
-Denton, Texas: 75 MW
-Garland, Texas: 25 MW

Located in Lamar, Red River and Franklin Counties, Samson Solar is a $1.6 billion capital investment and will support up to 600 jobs over the course of the 36-month construction period. In addition, the project will drive significant local economic development, bringing more than $250 million in landowner payments and supporting local communities through nearly $200 million in property tax payments over the life of the project.

Samson Solar will be constructed in five phases over the next three years, with each phase commencing operation upon completion. The full project is slated to be operational in 2023. 

For additional information on the Samson Solar Energy Center, click here.

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