Iraq contracts PowerChina to build 2GW of solar PV

Iraq is aiming to reach 10GW of installed solar by 2030. Image: IRENA.

Iraq has signed an agreement with PowerChina for the construction of 2GW of solar projects as it progresses with efforts to ramp up PV capacity.

The first stage of the deal with the state-owned Chinese energy company will initially result in the deployment of 750MW of solar, according to a statement from Iraq’s government, which didn’t specify when or where the plants will be built.

The announcement comes two months after Iraq secured a deal with Masdar for the development of at least 2GW of PV plants, adding to a partnership revealed earlier this year with France’s TotalEnergies that will see the firm develop 1GW of solar in the country.

Iraq’s oil ministry said in February that the county is aiming to reach 10GW of installed PV capacity by 2030 as it bids to source 20% of its power generation from solar by the end of the decade.

The country’s grid currently suffers from widespread power outages, especially during summer months when temperatures soar and people switch on air conditioning.