Is there software to monitor the FM 80 charge controller on a computer over an Ethernet network Leave a comment

Yes Outback Power has created a nice tool for remotely monitoring and configuring your solar power system from any Internet connected PC, tablet, or smartphone. OpticsRE allows you to log in to your system to view real time data, as well as historical data, alarms, alerts, and settings.

To monitor your system online, you need a Mate3 (not a Mate or Mate2) or an AXS Port. Either of these devices can be plugged into your ethernet hub, switch, or WiFi hotspot to connect to the Internet.Once logged into a system, you can see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly information. With a user friendly view, it is easy to determine the health of the system, and monitor its performance. It shows how many watt hours the system generates, and if it is a grid tie system, how many kWh you are selling back to the grid. It also keeps track of how often the generator runs when using Auto Gen Start capability. Looking at historical usage. The system allows different login levels, so that some users view only, and others to be able to configure the system.


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