KiloVault Expands Battery Storage Offerings to 1,200 Wh Capacity

KiloVault, a provider of residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, has unveiled its new 1200 HLX and 1200 CHLX heavy-duty deep-cycle lithium batteries. 

The 1,200 Wh capacity batteries complement existing 1,800 Wh and 3,600 Wh models and handle 80 A of continuous charging current and 100 A of continuous discharging current. The smaller capacity and reduced weight of the 1200 HLX and 1200 CHLX make them suited for applications such as solar energy storage.

Like all HLX/CHLX batteries, the new 1,200 Wh models can be used in 12 V, 24 V or 48 V configurations and feature Bluetooth communication for performance monitoring. KiloVaults says this flexibility – combined with a 5,000-cycle lifespan (at 80% depth of discharge) and low cost/kWh cycle – offers customers value for their energy storage needs. Even after 2,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge, a 1200 HLX or 1200 CHLX battery will retain 80% or more of its original 1,200 Wh storage capacity.

KiloVault’s HLX and CHLX series batteries do not require active cooling, as the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry used in their cells isn’t subject to the thermal runaway issues that other lithium technologies may experience. The batteries do not require regular watering or equalizing and do not produce dangerous off-gassing like lead-acid batteries do – making them safe for use in your garage or even inside your home. HLXs and CHLXs outperform comparable lead-acid batteries by storing and discharging energy more efficiently to yield 12% more usable stored energy.

The 1200 CHLX features the same internal heating technology as KiloVault’s other CHLX batteries, which allows it to continue charging at subzero temperatures. As the ambient temperature dips below freezing (32ºF/0°C), the charging current is rerouted through a heating film in the battery, allowing it to maintain an internal temperature above freezing. Once this is accomplished, the battery can resume normal charging.

For more information, including the data sheets, manuals and warranty information on KiloVault’s 1200 HLX and 1200 CHLX heavy-duty deep-cycle lithium batteries, click here.

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