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First of all, let’s make clear what is the function of the solar inverter?

Solar panels are converting radiation energy from the sun into the direct current (DC). The inverter converts electricity from solar panels into alternating current (AC), which we are using in everyday life. That’s the simplest explanation of how the inverter works. It can be said with certainty that the inverter is “heart” of solar panel installation. If you want to ensure long-term exploitation of your solar panel installation, you need to choose the best solar inverter from the market! Whether you are looking for the reliability in your off-grid solar power system or flexibility in your on-grid system, we can help you to choose quality.

Your system – our solution

So, which inverter is best for solar panels? The best deal for residential solar power installation is the hybrid inverter that can be used in the off-grid power system, as a perfect on-grid solution and battery charger.  What are the gains of this multifunctional device in the on-grid system?

Well, let’s explain from the beginning:

  • Solar panels are producing electricity during the day and invertor converts from DC to AC and sends all needed energy to supply the home appliances by priority. If there is not enough electrical energy production from solar panel installation, the hybrid inverter will redirect power from the grid to supply appliances.
  • Afterward, the surplus of energy is being directed for charging batteries, to ensure energy supplies in case of power failure.
  • When the previous conditions are fulfilled, all remaining electricity from solar power system is fed back into the grid, and on that way, it reduces your electrical bill for the amount of energy which is delivered.

A hybrid solar power inverter is the best choice for energy saving and reducing the electrical bill and it is suitable for:

– residential backup power,

– residential grid-tied solar panel system with back up power,

– residential grid-tied solar power system without battery storage,

– residential off-grid solar power system,

-residential self-consumption with storage.


Solar power gets smarter

On-grid solar power systems with battery storage are used to provide a reliable power supply for appliances despite the power blackouts, especially for devices which need a stable power supply, such as security systems, pumps or electronics. In the case of a residential on-grid solar power system without battery storage, the hybrid inverter is used for powering home appliances by priority, otherwise, it loads power into the grid.

If you need a solar solution that will bring you the fastest payoff, or a continuous power supply for your home or business, we have an inverter for the entire spectrum. Hybrid solar inverters are irreplaceable when speaking about residential solar power system, so don’t miss this hot deal. No matter if you need a solar power inverter for residential, commercial, industrial or power plant use, experts from “Global Solar Supply” can offer you highly reliable products, which are easily installed!

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