Perovskite materials

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There is some speculation about what the next solar panel material could be and Perovskite materials are at the for front of that technology
Whereas thin film offers cost advantages at the expense of efficiency, and crystalline silicon offers efficiency advantages for a slight premium, a new class of materials called perovskites might one day provide the best of both worlds. While there are many materials in this category to choose from, perovskites can generally generate energy from a broader swath of the light spectrum than silicon alone. Put another way, researchers think 30% solar efficiency is an attainable target. If they prove as cheap and easy to manufacture as expected, then the third-generation solar cells could lead to a significant drop in the cost of solar power.

Unfortunately, perovskite materials are still more lab trick than commercial reality. One major obstacle remains: The materials degrade relatively quickly. That could lead to dramatic power losses in a short period of time for a solar module, thus negating all other advantages. There are ways around that, however, such as pairing perovskites with silicon, and a start-up called Oxford PV recently unveiled such a tandem cell with a 27.3% efficiency rating. If it proves successful and commercially viable when it launches in 2019, then third-generation solar could be closer to reality than investors think.

we will just have to wait and see if this becomes the next big thing in solar however any and all research into making solar panels more efficient will only help the solar industry as a whole

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