100 FT – 10 AWG Solar PV / Tray Cable – 600V Type TC Cable

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Advanced Digital Cable

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Available on backorder

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50' tray cable #10 AWG+MIDNITE SOLAR STRING COMBINER MNPV- 3+Tray Cable Strain Relief 1_GlobalSolarSupply
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  • listed as type TC or TC-ER under UL 1277 Electrical Power and Control Cables
  • Type Solar PV Multi-Conductor Tray Cable 600V DC / 10 AWG
  • These cables may be installed in wet or dry locations


Tray Cables are listed as type TC or TC-ER under UL 1277 Electrical Power and Control Cables. These cables may be installed in wet or dry locations; in cable trays, raceways and open air; and are suitable for exposure to weather, direct burial Class I, Div. 2 (also Zone 2) and Class II, Div. 2 hazardous locations, as well as Class III, Div. 1 & 2 hazardous locations per NEC. Cables with three or more conductors are UL listed for exposed runs (ER) when installed in accordance with NEC Article 336.10(7).


UL Listed1277

Weight 11.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

Advanced Digital Cable

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listed as type TC or TC-ER under UL 1277 Electrical Power and Control Cables

Based on 19 reviews

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  1. Darren E Grass

    I just finished installing 3-100w panels, and connected them to my controller with these cables. Cables worked flawlessly. Great product !

    Darren E Grass

  2. Glenda A Early

    They are of good quality material. These cables are well put together. I expect many years of use.

    Glenda A Early

  3. Jasmine K Diaz

    It includes screws and the connectors. The plastic is a good thickness and should withstand weather well. Perfect for my needs !

    Jasmine K Diaz

  4. Lori T Healy

    Great flexible cable for my PV solar panels that, I have to move around often. Also, high quality !

    Lori T Healy

  5. Caren C Nealon

    Well the cables are aluminum so its pretty thick to get the current flow. Great quality and well-marked !

    Caren C Nealon

  6. Carl L Harris

    These are very high quality solar cables. I used them for my first solar application. These are well insulated and very flexible.

    Carl L Harris

  7. Marlene J Haupt

    I like this cable because the insulation is very durable and I trust it is UV resistant like other high end brands I have used before. The insulation looks and feels like the same material I am familiar with. Would buy again !

    Marlene J Haupt

  8. Henry T Ryan

    Good cable. I had enough after my install to cut these in sections to do my whole solar install except for battery bank feeders. The insulation is super tough so you will put in effort stripping but thick insulation is good. Double sleeve insulated.

    Henry T Ryan

  9. Henrietta E Holbrook

    Excellent product. Wire appears aluminum or tinned copper. Double insulated. Connected appear sturdy, much easier !

    Henrietta E Holbrook

    • joe

      The conductors are copper


  10. Lissette J Pardue

    Same cable type as their Solar Panels. Seems durable with double insulated wall and pre-terminated ends. Not that flexible but not a concern for the application. For longer runs or higher power applications use the 10 AWG version

    Lissette J Pardue

  11. Craig E Apel

    Worked Great ! Extremely well-made couldn’t believe how nice they looked ! I would definitely recommend these the additional gauge will carry extra power in case you need it and with less resistance.

    Craig E Apel

  12. Alta J Rolen

    This is just what I was looking for a portable system for my trailer solar system. These cables have served well in the time I have had them and see no reason why they wont provide many more hours of use in the future. They are strong, durable and solid for a system that is moved from place to place. Thanks!

    Alta J Rolen

  13. Robert M Williams

    Exactly what I ordered, solid construction, tight & good fitting ends, bare cable ends for plugging into your charger or for adding your own ends. One end has plugs, the other bare wire.

    Robert M Williams

  14. Jenny O Martin

    Cables worked great with my solar panels. The cable outside dimension is 12 × 12 × 4 in for those of you needing sizing to go through grommets.

    Jenny O Martin

  15. Gary C Schweigert

    Quick easy waterproof connection. When something is designed right you can’t help but smile when you use it. That’s exactly my reaction while up on a 12/12 pitch roof hooking up my panels with these cables !

    Gary C Schweigert

  16. Cheryl R Boehm

    Shipped fast, Arrived in a good condition. globalsolarsupply is Fantastic !

    Cheryl R Boehm

  17. Betty E White

    Worked great for me used in conjunction with 300 watt kit. Worked perfectly to route cables through roof of motor home right near where controller will be mounted. Would buy again !

    Betty E White

  18. Robert A Labounty

    Good quality cable with standard connections. I used this to wire up additional flexible solar panels on my RV.

    Robert A Labounty

  19. Beatrice L Anderson

    These are really good cables. I love this. Although the cable is quite stiff, it is very easy to roll up and to set up. I am going to get a couple more of these !

    Beatrice L Anderson