12V-24V DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump, 410GPH, 1549LPH

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WP50D fountain pump+tray cable 14-2+Universal solar panel mount
Price for all:   $159.68
  • Dry-Run Protection, automatic deactivate motor when no water running through the pump
  • Direct Current Water Pump. It can be connected to 12V-18V Solar Panel or another 12V-24V DC Power source.
  • Brushless motor is designed for 24/7 operation for more than 20000 hours
  • Oil-free design prevents water contamination
  • Durable prefilter cage design protects pump and reduces pump maintenance. Detachable and washable. No tools required
  • Easy to use
  • Discharge 1/2″ pipe fitting
  • Model# WP50D

The WP50D Dry-run protection brush-less water pump can be used for both indoor and outdoor, powered by using any DC (Direct Current) Power Source, i.e. DC Battery, Solar Panel, etc. The pump is designed with latest brush-less with locked rotor protected motor technology along with Dry-run protection feature; The advantages of this technology is the long life, easy maintenance and high efficiency. Dry-run protection automatic deactivate motor when no water running through the pump prevent impeller damaged. Water Pump could be operated continuously 24/7 for more than 20,000 hours without worry parts wear out; Motor has no seals by tapes or glue, does not require oil for lubrication, safe for pond fish and aquatic plants. Pump works for fish ponds, fresh and saltwater aquariums, fountains and in filter, hydroponic or aquaponics systems. When connect to Solar Panel, the performance of the pump varies based on sunlight intensity and the incident angle.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4.8 × 3.2 × 4 in
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  1. Agnes E Robinson

    Have been using it for 3 weeks. Product was of good quality. Delivery service was good. Overall it’s a great deal. Thanks to globalsolarsupply !

    Agnes E Robinson

  2. William G Charles

    Great product low power consumption and high output. Excellent performance !

    William G Charles

  3. Rex M Clark

    It’s a good product and value for money. Really good then expectation. Hope to last long !

    Rex M Clark

  4. Patsy K Collins

    After first use I can say it fulfilled my expectation. It’s a very good product. Recommend to buy.

    Patsy K Collins

  5. Myrtle J Simms

    Great water flow. Excellent submersible pump for cooler. Please keep in mind don’t use this pump without water.otherwise it will not work.

    Myrtle J Simms

  6. Carmen C Winston

    I required a powerful pump for my tank. This pump worked more than I anticipated. Kudos and keep up the good work.

    Carmen C Winston

  7. Linda G Hoffman

    Very nice pump for coolers worth it ! Water lifting capacity is good. Do not dry run. Else everything is fine

    Linda G Hoffman

  8. Jennifer F Madrigal

    I make my own cooler for the past summer and this pump helped me a lot, it’s too fast and pump water much more than expected within less than 1 min it can pump whole bucket of water with a good flow as I’m using half inch water tube but it can pump with full force !

    Jennifer F Madrigal

  9. Barbara K Townes

    Long lasting pump ! I have been using for more than 3 months, was continuously running for more than 24 hours.

    Barbara K Townes

  10. John D Alexandre

    Water can reach up to four and half feet. Good and very useful. Product is good. And worth for its value.

    John D Alexandre

  11. John J Byers

    The perfect size water transfer pump. I bought it to work in the backyard it’s absolutely perfect easy to use. Very simple instructions and easy to maneuver. It did exactly what I needed it to do. I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to use it in my backyard and garden areas.

    John J Byers

  12. Richard V Wayne

    The product is easy to install, drains a deep sump basin real fast. Can hardly hear it running.

    Richard V Wayne

  13. Christopher S Domingues

    Fantastic product ! Pumps water with no problems. Drained my backyard sump in no time !

    Christopher S Domingues

  14. David K McNeil

    Pump operates as it should, I used it as a sump pump for under a house. Really loved it !

    David K McNeil

  15. Ann J Seale

    This pump was a replacement for an existing landscape pump that wore out. Same size and functionality. Took a little long to receive but I’m very pleased with the pump.

    Ann J Seale

  16. Lisa W Nunez

    Pumps great. No issues. Bought this for a lift station under shampoo bowl in wife’s salon. Float is set to turn on pump when tank is half full (8 gallon tank) pumps maybe 10 seconds to empty tank. I don’t know about longevity of pump but at this time I couldn’t be happier with purchase.

    Lisa W Nunez

  17. Sherri M Hoffman

    This sump pump runs quiet and smoothly. Output at or very close to specs. Longevity is unknown but the smooth effortless pumping does not seem to strain system. Submersible pumps don’t work into the mud, or would result in poor motor cooling motor.

    Sherri M Hoffman

  18. Thomas S Colvin

    Purchased to keep water out of backyard during heavy rainstorms. Should do the job just fine. We rented a similar one during Hurricane that helped keep the yard from flooding.

    Thomas S Colvin

  19. Gloria S Ashley

    The pump was easy to assemble and did a fantastic job of emptying my pool in record time. It was lightweight and simple to use. I had to purchase a hose and clamps to attach, but they we’re easy to find. Best of all it was delivered in just a few days !

    Gloria S Ashley