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150W 12V Solar Panel Made in the USA

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Available on backorder

High Quality US Made Solar panel


Available on backorder

150 watt photo voltaic panel-These photo voltaic panels have¬† 36 (6×6)? polycrystalline cells , 3.2 mm low iron glass, aluminum body, they’re good for y our RV, Boat, Pond, Gate or different small off grid photo voltaic set up. Their Specs are as follows Voltage at Pmax 18.30VDC, Present at Pmax 8.20Amps, Open Circuit voltage 22.80VDC, Quick circuit voltage 8.77VDC,¬† junction, Cables & Plug connectors 900mm/4mm &MC4 suitable / IP67, Module Dimensions (L/W/H) 142mm x676mm x 35mm, Module weight 11.5kg

Made within the USA

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 44.96 × 26.6142 × 1.37795 in

Based on 21 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. K

    Nice Solar Panel 5 stars powered my DC pond pump nicely


  2. Todd P Smith

    I get about a 150 watts of output from the two panels on my scrap wood stands sitting on my apartment balcony facing South/ Southwest form about 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on a sunny day.

    Todd P Smith

  3. Michael E Patterson

    We have several solar panels on our property, this one powers a home made two year old standalone IP cam Wi-Fi security camera installation along our driveway. The solar panels produce significant power even in shade because they use poly crystalline cells. Unlike low end amorphous solar panels, these will continue to produce some power for 20 to 30 years. Would you buy a 20-year battery? The glass over the cells has a mottled surface seemingly designed to reduce reflectivity. I see measurable voltage output just before sunrise.

    Michael E Patterson

  4. Sean B Drummond

    So far these panels are preforming great. Do not expect to get a true 150 watts from each panel, any panel just does not do that. Before I got my panels installed on my RV, I used just one on a temporary hookup. I was getting pretty good sun from a bout 11 to 6. In that time using only 2 75 amp hour batteries I was able to run a 300 watt inverter powering a table-top fan and a 32-inch TV. Also, through the day I used the normal in an RV like the water pump, bathroom fan, lights, and RV power leaches like LP detector, fridge thermostat and such. I made it 5 days off grid and my batteries never registered low.

    Sean B Drummond

  5. Brian M Sullivan

    Solid product, as usual. I’ve done two solar projects for RVs now, and used this solar packs for each. So far so good. No reason to try any other brand for my upcoming 3rd project.

    Brian M Sullivan

  6. Paul S Santos

    3rd panel I’ve installed into our off grid cabin. With 2 panels I was getting between 198 and 212 Watts and 16.5 Amps charge. I’m hooked with the solar bug no question about it. That’s why I bought the 3rd one and have room for 1 more if necessary. I think I could have gotten away with the 2 but like I said solar bug has me now.

    Paul S Santos

  7. Nelson A Mercer

    I use two of these to power my ham radio all day on one small 12 volt auto battery. Very well-made and they charge even on a cloudy day. Strong frames and good wiring. I got the controller they also provide, and they work fine, in two hours I can recharge my single 12 volt car battery for all day use on my ham radio without turning the panel or adjusting the angle.

    Nelson A Mercer

  8. Douglas F Edwards

    Well built, lightweight, and easy to handle. Bought the panel to dip my toes into solar by charging my lithium battery pack that has a solar adapter port. Works great takes a few hours to charge the thing back up. Considering building a more complex system to take some of my big appliances off the grid.

    Douglas F Edwards

  9. James D Grady

    I mounted this panel flat on the top of a camp trailer. I love it. I don’t have to plug in the trailer anymore to maintain the batteries. Connected through a cheap PWM controller and heavy 10 gauge stranded wire, it will put out over 5 amps of charging power during the day in full sun. It also gives me enough capacity to run a TV, DVD and stereo off an inverter for hours at a time without running down my two 12V batteries. I’m very happy with it.

    James D Grady

  10. Peter R Sanchez

    Excellent clean power source! This polycrystalline solar panel very efficiently charges my solar power generator. It’s well-constructed; and, depending on the time of day and angle of the Sun, I have seen it deliver 39W, 74W and 86Watts. The 39W charge was when the sun was getting ready to set, while the 86W charge was achieved around 1:30 PM here in sunny Florida. It arrived quickly, well-packed and I could not be happier with this product!

    Peter R Sanchez

  11. Edmund L Gaughan

    I have it set up to a grid tie inverter box, I haven’t tested how much power is going back into the power lines yet, but I do know it is working, I had some DIY kit solar panels that curled up in the sun on me and quit working because I did not put a decent enough backing on them, so I am buying these to replace them. The DIY kits are worth it, I would buy them again, but at the end of the day, getting everything together unless you already have decent glass in decent frames, at least in my experience, with the time and everything else that goes into it, it is in a lot of ways just as cheap and easy to just buy these as you can afford them, so that is what I am doing.

    Edmund L Gaughan

  12. Don J Graber

    Super well-made, well packed, all that you expect from an expensive purchase. I bought many things from “globalsolarsupply” to complete these items’ purpose. Their customer service was succinct and effective when I called with one question. If I could do it over again, I’d have bought all the proper cables right from the start.

    Don J Graber

  13. Roland M Brent

    So far these are working great. I have 4 currently and just received 2 more and will install them in a couple of weeks. According to my charge controller one of these panels puts out almost double the wattage of the Harbor Freight 150 watt portable panel kit. 4 panels at mid-day produced about 330 watts and this was just propped up on cement blocks. I will mount them onto a frame in the next couple of weeks, so I can properly set the angle and will most certainly get more.

    Roland M Brent

  14. John B Curry

    Two of these for 300 watts kept my battery charged with the two weeks we were camped in the woods. The morning star charge controller kept it all regulated and safe. The good thing is, silent no fuel to mess with. Bad thing is it must be in sun.

    John B Curry

  15. Irvin V Soto

    These are State of the Art, sturdy, well-built, durable panels. They are worth paying every dime for and look like they will last a lifetime. They work very well in the application I used them for. I bought four of them, connected to a 40V charge controller with an eight 35amp/hr battery bank and it runs everything for my grandfathers RV.

    Irvin V Soto

  16. Dennis C Wood

    These will be what I use as my main solar array for all individual buildings on my off grid property. I purchased two years ago and finally put them to use. The two panels produce enough wattage and amps in decent sunlight to jump start /charge a battery on a v8 engine. Just be careful because the glass can and will shatter. So if you live in an area prone to hail these will not stand up to that. And it shatters all over when it does. These panels put out as they are rated, and build quality is on point. I highly recommend these panels !

    Dennis C Wood

  17. Matt R Draper

    Our main goal was lights and refrigerator in winter when we lose power due to storms and hurricanes. It’s been nice to also be able to charge up the phones from our solar system. I think it will pay for itself within a year or so.

    Matt R Draper

  18. Brandon J Rains

    I use this product while camping with my pull behind RV trailer. I attached with a 30 ft (9.14 meters) home made cord to the battery and placed the panel to portable foot stool, so I could keep it facing the sun as much as possible during the day. The battery powers my water pump, TV, radio, and lights. This 150watt panel typically has the battery fully charged in an hour or less after the sun comes up in the morning and then provides enough power during the day to power everything and keep the battery fully charged. The item is durable enough for how it is being used !

    Brandon J Rains

  19. William C Green

    I bought these for use with my truck camper. These things are heavy and built like a tank. The quality is very good. I am amazed at how efficient they are, charging my battery even in the shade or on overcast days. I highly recommend these panels, my expectations have been exceeded !

    William C Green

  20. James J Davis

    This is my second 150w solar panel that I am using to power my 26 – 12v led 3 watt night lights in my back yard. The extra panel is being used with the existing panel I purchased along with the controller to charge a 75AH deep cycle battery. I run the lights at least 3hrs a night. Just awesome. My first attempt to go a little green. Amazing.

    James J Davis

  21. Sean B Murphy

    I bought two of these and a Wanderer controller, and used them immediately on a weeklong trip. Even in partial shade and 90 degrees I was getting good voltage to my batteries through the trailer wiring and a 12v chest fridge running off the batteries.

    Sean B Murphy

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