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50 foot Solar Cable #10 with Solar Connectors UL Listed 4703

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20 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • 90 C Wet or Dry Location Direct Burial Rated
  • Sunlight Resistant /UL-83, UL-1063, UL-4703
  • Photovoltaic Wire – 19 strands of 10 AWG copper conductor with tough XLPE insulation rated at -1000V
  • Easy to Use
  • Code Compliant

PV connectors, MALE/FEMALE, Cooper wire 19 strands 10/1, 50 FT, 1000 VDC, PV WIRE with XLPE insulation NOT THHN insulation. Made in USA This may be used to extend one wire 50 feet to another solar connection, or cut in half to extend both positive and negative wires 25 feet to normal wire connections. Photovoltaic Wire, commonly known as PV Wire, is used as a interconnection wire for photovoltaic power systems. This product is sunlight and UV resistant and commonly used in solar applications. UL & ROHS compliant. All Wires are UL Listed direct burial rated and Sunlight Resistant. Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation per UL-854, UL-4703 and UL-44.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

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  1. Ada W Truman

    Purchased the extra wire to give me flexibility on locating my solar panel and I’m glad I did since I did not permanently mount my collector. This allows me to place the unit wherever the sunlight is strongest. Also, much easier to keep the panel clean.

    Ada W Truman

  2. Maria C Young

    Needed a 25′ male MC4 and 25′ female MC4 to bare ends for my controller, figured buying this extension and cutting it in half was the easiest route, working well, seems like high quality cable, time will tell how it holds up on the roof of my RV.

    Maria C Young

  3. Melody V Roach

    Cable was exactly as described. Plugged in perfectly to my existing system. Amazon did extremely fast shipping as always. I would recommend this product for anyone needs an extra cable or replacement.

    Melody V Roach

  4. Edith M Little

    Works great! Very tough insulation on the outside. Connectors are good quality. I use these on our motor home with a single 200watt panel to connect to a controller. The panel normally produces 6.0 to 6.5 amps but has been as high as 8amps!

    Edith M Little

  5. Michael H Williams

    The guage on these have been more than enough to handle my 2 parallel panels. The sheath is thick, and they seem like they will last for years exposed.

    Michael H Williams

  6. Sharon E Hall

    This is the best quality PV rated 10 gauge solar cable with MC brand MC4 connectors. Double insulated 3/8″ these will last for years exposed on a roof or buried in the lawn. Quick shipping. Please do not buy other vendors 1/4″ single insulated type as the MC4 grommet is for 3/8″

    Sharon E Hall

  7. Mark P Prichard

    I bought this to use with my trailer solar panel and I cut it in half and connected it to my charge controller and have around 25′ of cable to follow the sun and keep my trailer in some shade !

    Mark P Prichard

  8. Orlando M Dragon

    These cables are of exceptional quality, IMHO, and will meet my needs as I have installed solar panels on my sailboat in anticipation of cruising this coming year while being energy independent.

    Orlando M Dragon

  9. Pearl R Pauline

    I cut mine into 3 pieces and used the 5 pack of MC4 end fitting to complete the circuit. Very good grade of wire. Very low lose ! Loved it.

    Pearl R Pauline

  10. Dorothy B Tullis

    Good quality cable ! Well-made. I’m running 30 amps through it and it works well.

    Dorothy B Tullis

  11. Krystle D Clayton

    Bought this product because it helped set up my panels faster. Already having the mc4 connectors installed on the wire saved me sometime on hooking up my panels !

    Krystle D Clayton

  12. Gregory M Bentley

    This is the best cable at the best price per foot that’s out there. Note this is 10awg, Less voltage loss. I will buy another. Get ends and cut to length. Wish I could buy more !

    Gregory M Bentley

  13. John M James

    Very nice copper cables with Sun proof insulation. Wire works great. Would buy again.

    John M James

  14. Dudley P Goodwin

    Works great ! Added length to my solar panel. Now I can set them out in the sun now. Good connect.

    Dudley P Goodwin

  15. Christina W Peebles

    This wire is flexible with insulation that is durable. Would definitely purchase again.

    Christina W Peebles

  16. Alice A Winston

    I purchased this with the 400w starter kit, great and simple to use !

    Alice A Winston

  17. Victor D Murphy

    Perfect cable for a 12Vsolar system. Will cut in half to make a full 25ft (ca. 8 m) run to my panel.

    Victor D Murphy

  18. Nancy P Glenn

    Tinned copper stranded wires, perfect for marine application. Nice and thick ! Really great price !

    Nancy P Glenn

  19. Dawn G Murphy

    Used this to hook up solar panels to my garage. Quick and easy hook up to solar panels.

    Dawn G Murphy

  20. Linda J Park

    Great product ! Price was average and fast delivery. I would recommend this seller to all.

    Linda J Park

  21. Tracey F Cranston

    I used this cable to cut and make shorter ones to connect the solar panel to controller to the battery pack !

    Tracey F Cranston

  22. Marian J Board

    Very pleased with these cables. I like the extra prongs on the sides that make disconnecting much easier. I would recommend these cables to anyone.

    Marian J Board

  23. Kevin B Alexander

    I learned that, when you buy solar panel cables you need to do the math to make sure that you get the right gauge wire depending on if you’re running a 12V or 24V system from your panels to your Control. These are not cheap made cables they are 10 gauge good luck on your new solar system!

    Kevin B Alexander

  24. Eloy H Custer

    Solidly made and is actual 10AWG cable, remember though, this is a single 50ft (ca. 15 m) cable, not a pair of cables.

    Eloy H Custer

  25. Jose R Voss

    Well made wire. Nothing about this feels cheap or wanting. Great Product.

    Jose R Voss

  26. Dennis E Simpson

    Used them on my RV solar panel install. They made the job easy connecting directly to the solar panels. Used them on a 20′ run cut the cable in half connected the male and female ends to the panel. Fed it through the refer top vent to the solar controller. Would recommend it !

    Dennis E Simpson

  27. Rosina K Dixon

    This was what I needed to finish off my solar project. Works as advertise. Was a bit short on my cable, this did the trick

    Rosina K Dixon

  28. Annette M Jones

    Worked perfect with my solar panel !

    Annette M Jones