Adjustable Tilt Leg, 44 In


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unirac. Adjustable Tilt Leg, 44 In Adjustable Tilt Leg, 44 In, For Use With SolarMount PV Mounting Systems, Height 2 In., Width 2 In., Depth 26 In., Weight 6.25 lbs, Includes Adjustable Leg Kit with 26 In. Tube, 26 In. Strut, (5) SS Bolts, (4) SS Nuts, (2) Fender Washers, and (1) Zinc Strut Nut Unirac SolarMount Solar Module Mounting SystemVersatile photovoltaic (PV) mounting rail system provides max. versatility, enabling users to solve virtually any PV mounting challenge. Flush, high-profile tilt, and low-profile configurations provide max. flexibility. Grounding and wire management options. Complete technical support, including installation and code compliance documentation is provided.

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SKU: 211-0045-2013