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The UCM or Universal Communication Module  provides a full featured communication bridge or gateway between Blue Sky Energy’s Integrated Power Net (IPN) based charge controllers and external systems.

Blue Sky Energy’s proprietary IPN Network allows multiple charge controllers to communicate with each other and coordinate their activities to charge the battery as a single coordinated charging machine. The IPN network also allows multiple charge controllers to share a battery temperature sensor and remote display.

The UCM attaches to the display connector of any IPN based charge controller to receive power and network communication. The UCM then provides multiple standard communication interfaces which may be used simultaneously. These standard communication interfaces allow easy access to data and setup parameters for all charge controllers on the network. If an IPN-ProRemote is present on the IPN network it’s full featured battery system monitoring functionality and associated setup become available as well.

A standard Modbus RTU interface is provided both as isolated RS-485 and TCPIP Ethernet based Modbus/IP. Additional Ethernet connectivity includes a built in HTTP web site server allowing data view and parameter setup with a standard web browser either locally, or globally over the Internet without a subscription. The ability for periodic real time FTP data upload to a remote server is also provided.

The UCM also provides 128 days of datalogging of key performance parameters. The data is available as a downloadable Microsoft Excel compatible file stored in nonvolatile memory. The file may be downloaded remotely via the embedded web site, transferred to a laptop locally, or the UCM may be taken back to the office for file download and analysis.


  • Provides remote access of IPN Based charge controllers and displays

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Example Datalog File

This example datalog is from a test system consisting of a SB3024iL, SB2512iX, IPN-ProRemote and a UCM, all interconnected via the IPN Network. The UPS type system was basically in standby mode during this 20 day period consuming about 8 amp-hours per day. The datalog file provides a wide array of information including min/max battery voltage, min/max battery amp-hours from full, max discharge current, current/voltage/amp-hours produced by each charge controller, and so on.

View example datalog file


  • Brand: Blue Sky Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: UCM
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Compatible Models: IPNPro-S, SB2512i, SB2512iX, SB1524iX, SB3024iL
  • Length: 6.0
  • Width: 4.0
  • Height: 2.0
  • Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Volume: 48.0 cin


UCM Datasheet
UCM Installation and Operation Manual


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in

Blue Sky

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