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Bulk Black Solar Cable #8 PV Cable 1000V x 500′ SPOOL

(14 customer reviews)
Advanced Digital Cable

2 in stock (can be backordered)


2 in stock (can be backordered)

PV Wire 500 Foot Spool for Solar Panels, Double-Insulated Copper Wire 8 AWG 7-Strand 1kV – 2kV, UL 4703 Black, 90C Wet or Dry, Lead Free. Appropriate for use in solar power applications that require 2,000 volt rating. For use in grounded interconnection and ungrounded Photovoltaic power systems. Conductors: Stranded bare copper conductor per ASTM B-3, B-8. Insulation: Chemically Cross-linked polyethylene with colored sunlight resistant PVC jacket.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Advanced Digital Cable

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  1. Bill C Hartwig

    Good quality cable with very heavy, thick insulation. Should hold up well when exposed to elements. Very easy to attach MC4 connectors to it.

    Bill C Hartwig

  2. Adam A Wright

    These wires seem to be of good quality multiple strands of copper. The plastic casing of these wires is very thick and durable, more-so than other wires of this size which is a good thing especially for outdoor usage. They seem to carry amperage/voltage through them just fine with no noticeable issues. I’d say this is a great choice for solar or other DC voltage applications !

    Adam A Wright

  3. Ronald S Cope

    Thankful for this stretch of wire. Perfect for making up solar panel connections. This appears to be a very good cable with a thick coating around the wires !

    Ronald S Cope

  4. Derek L Draughn

    Used this wire to hook my solar controller. Thick copper wire just right for hooking up my solar controller.

    Derek L Draughn

  5. Tomas J Carlin

    Great product for custom solar cables ! Very flexible and reliable. Great value!

    Tomas J Carlin

  6. Mikel H Sammons

    Arrived on time, excellent product, so far no issue with the intense sunlight ! As expected.

    Mikel H Sammons

  7. Melvin V Freeman

    Very good quality wire for doing RV solar panels. I’ve actually bought four reds and four blacks. They fit very nice into the higher amp rated MPPT controllers !

    Melvin V Freeman

  8. Robert S Smith

    Very good product. They are strand wires wound very tight with thick covering, so they are not as flexible as you would think for a strand wire product. Very well-made and heavy duty.

    Robert S Smith

  9. David I Johnson

    Easily Sends power from my solar panel to my storage batteries with very little resistance. I’d recommend these cables above all others.

    David I Johnson

  10. Francis L Miller

    Perfect fit, quality product, solid feeling connections. Worked perfectly !

    Francis L Miller

  11. Daniel T Gossage

    These are very useful, when wiring your panels to grid tie inverters, a little extra length ! Really like those.

    Daniel T Gossage

  12. David L Davis

    Used these cables to install a solar panel on-top of an enclosed car trailer to keep a deep cycle battery charged. So far everything is working great.

    David L Davis

  13. Charles J Savage

    Great cables, and the best value I could find on globalsolarsupply ! Also, Nice quality.

    Charles J Savage

  14. Ralph C Block

    Work well, and helped me increase the usable area of my solar panels. Also, seems to be good-quality wire !

    Ralph C Block