Fronius IG Plus 11.4-1 UNI 11400W Solar Inverter


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Fronius IG Plus 11.4-1 UNI 11400W Solar Inverter The IG Plus represents years of refinement of the existing Fronius IG series with a significant number of improvements including higher efficiency, improved power harvest, easier installation, six circuit built in string combiner and programmable output voltage of 208, 240, and 277 volts all with the same output power (applies to inverters up to 10kW only) and power output available to 12kW in a single inverter (3 phase). Additional features include anodized aluminum outdoor enclosure protection (Class IP44), a removeable power stage for easy installation, and the ability to extend the standard 10-year warranty to 15 years for a nominal investment. All IG Plus are 96% maximum efficiency, UL listed and have a maximum input voltage of 600 Vdc @ 14°F. Operational ambient temperature rating is -20°C to +50°C. Fuses for the string combiner are sold separately