OutBack VFX2812M Sine Wave Inverter 2800W 12VDC w/built-in AC neutral/ground switching system


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OutBack VFX2812M OutBack Power VFX2812M Inverter – Vented The VFX2812M is for Marine-Mobile applications and is an all-in-one mobile power solution. It incorporates a true sine wave inverter, intelligent battery charger and an AC transfer switch which includes a 30 amp pass through and automatic neutral/ground switching. It produces virtually distortion free AC power for all your mobile electrical needs. It has the same proven technology and conformal coated circuit boards as the sealed version but offered in a vented chassis for higher power output. The fully screened ?bug-proof? openings keep the power conversion components cool in very hot environments even when perated at high power for extended periods in more protected environments. The VFX2812M is the superior choice when you need a reliable, powerful, modular, and true sinewave inverter! Specifications: Nominal DC Input Voltage: 12V Continuous Power Rating at 25? C: 2800VA AC Voltage/Frequency: 120V AC / 60 Hz Maximum Output Current: Peak: 56A AC RMS: 40A AC AC Overload Capability: Surge: 4800VA 5 Second: 4000VA 30 Minutes: 3200VA Continuous Battery Charge Output: 125A DC Features: True SineWave Output Intelligent Battery Charging Modular System Architecture High Operating Efficiency “Bug Proof” Chassis Corrosion Resistant Internal Components Neutral/Ground Switching Field Serviceable Integrated Network Communications SpecificationsBrand: OutBack Power Amperage: 56Ah Input Voltage: 12VAC | VDC Power: 2800W Charge Rate: 125A Length: 8.3″ Height: 16.3″ Width: 12″ Warranty Life: 2yrs

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