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Crypto miners how do you monitor your energy usage?


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Crypto Miners How do you monitor your energy usage?

We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, and frequent flyer miles ? why not our energy use? Sense was born from the simple idea that people should know what?s happening in their homes. Energy efficiency and home automation begin with robust data, so?we built?Sense to provide people with information about their home energy use?in the simplest, most practical way possible.

The Sense monitor?analyzes changes in current and voltage one million times per second, giving you insights into your?power consumption?with unprecedented accuracy. It connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and then reports real-time and historical energy use to our web interface?or?your iOS/Android device, so you can monitor your efficiency and home activity from anywhere.

Over time, Sense’s machine learning algorithms identify unique signatures in the power use of individual devices within your home and match them against a growing database of appliances and home electronics. As devices are detected and revealed inside the app, you can name and categorize them, set custom notifications for?when they turn on or off, analyze how efficient they are, and see what’s going on at home when you aren’t there.?These detection capabilities continue to grow as more users install Sense in their homes and more device models become available, which means your Sense monitor will just keep recognizing more and more devices over the months and years to come!

Built by the same team that brought speech recognition technology to market, the founding team pioneered the commercialization and widespread adoption of speech-recognition technology. Now we?re putting all our energy into helping you better understand yours.

Save money while conserving natural resources.

Monitor your energy usage in real-time down to the sub-second level, with cost calculations built right in.

View historical trends for your energy usage, and identified devices by the day, week, month, year, or billing cycle.

Measure your efficiency in kWh or dollars and cents based on the rate you enter in the Settings screen, or just use the local or national average.

Find opportunities to save money and live more efficiently by identifying power hogs, vampire loads, and malfunctioning appliances.

Check in on your home when you can’t be there, and monitor the safety of a vacation home, rental property, or elderly relative.

Installed by a licensed electrician, usually in less than 30 minutes.

Compatibility Notes:
Sense works with split-phase, 120/240v residential electrical panels in the US and Canada.

Sense doesn’t currently support three-phase or parallel feed installations.

Electrical panels with busbars must have enough clearance for sensor clamps with dimensions of 3 6/16″H x 2″W x 12/16″D, and an inside diameter of 1?.

Sense connects to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Because electrical panels can introduce a significant amount of interference, strong Wi-Fi signal and upload speeds are needed near the electrical panel. You may consider installing your router or a signal booster close to your electrical panel. Sense uploads approximately 150 MB of data each day to the servers to facilitate remote monitoring and model building, so it should not be used with a mobile hot-spot or low-bandwidth internet service.

Cloud connection to web, iOS, and Android apps with no subscription fees!

Why is my electricity bill so high?

Why wait until the end of the month? Keep tabs on your electricity usage and determine what devices in your home are using the most energy. Sense gives you a powerful dashboard to monitor your power use, both historically and in real time, with cost calculations built right in.

Did I leave the oven on?Get the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing everything’s ok at home. Once individual devices are identified by Sense, they’ll either be named automatically (if they already exist in the database) or you can assign a name, category, make, and model to contribute to the database yourself.

Is my sump pump running?

Nobody wants to come home to a flooded basement! Set custom notifications to get a heads up if something unusual is happening. Be notified when a device turns on/off, or has been on/off for a specific duration.
Model # 12000

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Sense 12000



Part Number 12000

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  1. Frank Zabroski

    If all you got is one crypto rig setup you get a small kilowatt meter but after setting up a few units they get expense and you still have a number of smaller things to monkey with. Sense made life soooooo much easier… I can now simply open an app on my phone and check out things I need to know about. No more strains to get behind rig setups with a flashlight to see what your doing. My only regret has been not finding this product sooner.

    Frank Zabroski

  2. Larry J Strong

    Installation part was easy. After that it’s Amazing to watch real-time wattage usage: “Alexa, turn on the light” and the graph jumps ~600W, turn off and it drops 500W – it’s a 500W bulb !

    Larry J Strong

  3. George P Deveau

    An incredible device. I love knowing what everything in my house is consuming energy wise. The main reason for purchasing was to monitor my sump pump. We had a float fail on a pump years ago and I recently found the float sticking again which cause the pump to over heat a blow a seal. After installing Sense I was able to quickly configure the app to alert me when the pump wasn’t running its normal on off cycles. In my opinion sump pump monitoring is worth the price of the device and everything else is a bonus.

    George P Deveau

  4. Danial M Williams

    I’ve been using my Home Sense for almost 6 months now and have to say, I absolutely love it! Installation was extremely clear but obviously, should you not know your way around an electrical panel, please have a professional install it. The main thing I would say in terms of setting expectations for this is to be patient. It was almost a week before it found the first device and every now and again it keeps finding new ones. With that said, I can still see the power draw of all my appliances just by cycling the power and using the app to see the real-time measurement.

    Danial M Williams

  5. Joel A Manson

    It just works. The app does everything it should. It also saves me money because I’m finally aware of how much power I’m using. Also, there is no monthly fee which is amazing these days. I really love the notification feature. I have one large incandescent chandelier and I can set it to remind me to turn it off. The feed feature is also great because I can see a history of what was used in my home all day. Hey look somebody just got a drink of water from the refrigerator dispenser.

    Joel A Manson

  6. Jeffery E Simmons

    Great device to track your energy use by the second on your phone from anywhere!! If you want that!! Easy to install in minutes. I’m very happy with the service ! Highly recommended this !!

    Jeffery E Simmons

  7. Leroy B Hawkins

    It’s easy to install and once installed very simple to use. I like knowing when and what my home consumes power. This has helped us make small changes that add up to real savings at the end of the year.

    Leroy B Hawkins

  8. David V Donaldson

    Be aware this product takes a couple months to identify your items but it does a great job. The interface is excellent and the information provided will be useful to those who utilize smart home technologies.

    David V Donaldson

  9. Donald M Palmatier

    This is quite an amazing device! Super easy to install and setup. It’s so neat to monitor your electric use in real time! We’ve challenged ourselves to make better use of our electric devices to cut down on our electric bill !

    Donald M Palmatier

  10. George S Damico

    I like the real time data. It’s spot on with letting you know how much power you’re using in real time.

    George S Damico

  11. Kevin T Beasley

    It works like magic. Worth every penny. As already save my money discovering appliances that were running too often. Does take many weeks to find everything. But it works perfectly !

    Kevin T Beasley

  12. Albert M Jones

    I am using solar on my home. I purchased this to track my load profile. It is pretty cool, I can track what my wife is running at home from work. Excellent device, very good investment.

    Albert M Jones

  13. David T Woodward

    I install this myself. It took less than 15 minutes to install and less than five minutes to register and start the program on my phone. The real time energy monitoring is extremely responsive you can watch as the refrigerator comes on or someone turns on or off the light it shows on the screen immediately. Now I just need to wait at least 24 hours before it starts to find and identify the loads, so I can start to track the energy hogs in my house !

    David T Woodward

  14. Harvey M Emory

    I got this for my brother. He has many appliances in his house. He loves it and uses it to figure out which of his kids is leaving their lights on and which appliances may need to be replaced.

    Harvey M Emory

  15. Zachary R Boswell

    Sense energy monitor is an amazingly SMART product! I love it since day 1. Thank you Sense Team for such a nice product!

    Zachary R Boswell

  16. Ralph K Smith

    Very impressed. The device works better than I expected. It’s been about a month and sense had discovered 14 devices in my home. They are all mostly major appliances, heaters and motors. I’m mostly surprised by its accuracy when identifying things like my aquarium heater, it correctly identified it as an aquarium heater.

    Ralph K Smith