SMA Power+ MLPE Optimizer System TS4-R-O MLPE


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The TS4-R (Retrofit)-O (Optimization) Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) combined with the proven Sunny Boy-US inverter is a game-changing Power+ Solution to cost-effectively optimize residential systems, ensuring higher energy yields. The SMA Power+ Solution, combines legendary SMA inverter performance and intelligent DC module-level electronics in one cost-effective, comprehensive package. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in today’s solar landscape because each project has its own unique challenges and objectives. For this reason, SMA’s MLPE solution is ideal because it can be applied per module for operational simplicity or selectively for faster installation.

The TS4-R-O module components can be used like traditional MLPEs and satisfy all of the challenges that incumbent solutions address, but unlike traditional optimization, which requires MLPEs on every module even when it’s not needed, the Power+ Solution can also be applied selectively. This reduces installation time, service risk, and ultimately cost. Selectively deploying TS4-R-O can save on installation time, while realizing greater energy production and roof usage, and providing a higher ROI. Selective deployment is also ideal when it comes to service and O&M. Fewer components mean fewer potential points of failure and less risk, and when service is required, it is simpler.

The module-based DC technology is supplied by the universal TS4 platform, which offers various levels of plug-and-play functionality. The TS4-R-O is an add-on, retrofit option that makes any system instantly smarter and more powerful. Benefits of the TS4 line include module-level monitoring, shutdown code compliance, shade mitigation and increased string lengths. Whether for shading, shutdown, different module configurations and other challenges, TS4-R-O is the ultimate solution.

  • NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
  • Module-level shutdown and monitoring
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Tool free installation at ground level
  • Shade and age tolerance
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Works with any solar module
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.677 × 6.22 × 1 in

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