Solar Cable #6 Black 2000 V, UL 4703 Type PV 7 Strands Copper 500′

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  • #6 Copper conductor @ 500′
  • UL Listed 4703
  • Tough XLPE type PV insulation


500′ of High Quality Black ?Single conductor Solar PV cable, sunlight-resistant, direct burial photovoltaic wire rated 90C wet or dry, 2000 V for interconnection wiring of grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems as described in Section 690.31(A) and other applicable parts of the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70



  • Spec One: Rated for direct burial
  • Spec Two: Rated 90C wet and dry
  • Spec Three: Excellent resistance to crush and compression cuts ? UV/sunlight-resistant
Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

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  1. Brenda E Hadden

    The cable was a nice quality. I am currently using it in my Sand Rail. Great wire and very flexible !

    Brenda E Hadden

  2. Sidney A Bustamante

    Good wire, I used this OK my sons battery cable replacement. Good wire. Worked great !

    Sidney A Bustamante

  3. Barbara W Ross

    Good cable, I like how flexible it is even though it’s heavy. Well made cables. No problem yet !

    Barbara W Ross

  4. Chasidy E Johnson

    The wire is very flexible and the insulation is thick (about 1/8th in) and very cut/abrasion resistant. A premium product at a good price.

    Chasidy E Johnson

  5. Eva C Welch

    Nice cable. Pretty flexible and easy to work with.

    Eva C Welch

  6. Jimmy L Libby

    Used for extending my Lincoln tombstone welder leads. Cable came very quick and well protected. Install was easy and the cable is very flexible.

    Jimmy L Libby

  7. Karen S Wright

    Length of wire was right. No problem with it. Like it. Perfect, thank you !

    Karen S Wright

  8. Samuel A Anderson

    Just what I needed ! It was retiring an old rusty John Deere Gator, had a hard time getting a ground. This worked great. Thanks for good quality cable !

    Samuel A Anderson

  9. Henry R Tarvin

    Works great for rewiring my golf cart. Also, I rewire my boat cables ! Both are working perfectly.

    Henry R Tarvin

  10. John S Wise

    I used this wire to run power/ground to an accessory block. The shielding is adequate and the wiring seems to be of good quality. Thanks “globalsolarsupply” for providing good quality cable !

    John S Wise

  11. Pedro J Taylor

    Excellent cable ! Strong and flexible too. Perfect wire for replacement. Great deal indeed !

    Pedro J Taylor

  12. Maria R Simmons

    Arrived on time and as advertised ! Everything was nicely arranged in the box. Very nice cable! Would like to thank globalsolarsupply for quality product !

    Maria R Simmons

  13. Sarah K Bunce

    Love the flexibility of this cable. I bought this to use on my solar install. Running this cable between the charge controller and the batteries, and between all the batteries worked well. The cable is actually too big for the controller but I rather have it too big than too small. I got just enough cable so you should order a little extra length. Tested the system and it works great.

    Sarah K Bunce

  14. Adam C Merlo

    Nice cables, the smell when you open them is awful though LOL. Should I clean them? Is there anything toxic in the sparkly powder coating on the jacket?

    Adam C Merlo

    • joe

      Thank you for your review. the powdery coating on some of the cables is a wax type lubricant used in the manufacturing process and is non toxic and totally safe it is normally removed at the manufacturing level however sometimes we receive entire rolls that still have the powdery wax on them
      hope this info helps you


  15. Tara R Young

    Great quality and price! Hard to find manufacturers that aren’t lying about their materials or quality !

    Tara R Young

  16. David B Miles

    These cables worked perfect for replacing battery jumper cables. Cables are flexible & very good quality.

    David B Miles

  17. Susan J Coffey

    I used these to wire a battery to alternator that required thicker gauge wires and upgrade the grounds on the electrical system. These along with some copper terminals and solder worked perfect for that purpose. Definitely recommend. Fast shipping as always !

    Susan J Coffey

  18. Allen S Goldstein

    Very heavy-duty cable. Works great for my second battery on my boat. Good Product, Fare price, Fast ship. Thank you!

    Allen S Goldstein

  19. Shawn J Buck

    Very good quality and working perfect. Will order some more. Excellent wire at a good price !

    Shawn J Buck

  20. Kathryn C Cadle

    Awesome wire for the price, Quality, flexible, great price, and arrived on time. Would recommend this wire for setup solar panels !

    Kathryn C Cadle