SOLARLAND 30A Solar Charge Controller SLC GP3024C

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Solarland USA

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Out of stock

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SLC GP3024+12" MC4 TO BARE SOLAR CONVERSION CABLE+Global-Solar-Supply-50-MC-4-Cable-10-Black-1000VDC-Rated-UL-Listed-with-5-Free-Cable-Clips-B07GJTYS5R-5
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The SLC GP3024 is an intelligent, multipurpose solar charge and discharge controller. User friendly LCD display shows system status at all times.

These are nice little PWM type charge controllers great for small RV or camper type solar installations that want both controller and display built into the same device.

There are two USB ports right on the charge controller


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 × 3.54 × 1.89 in

Solarland USA

Manufactures Part Number

SLC GP3024, SLC GP3024C

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  1. Eric M Zeigler

    No problems with this device. The bottom connectors are a bit tricky. The screw pushes the wire holder back so that the space for the wire is closest to the front of the device. The screws do not screw down on the wire, but bring the wire to the connection. The DC Load side is for a night light, not a load dump upon full charge. At full charge, the light blinks, my gauges still show a charge going to the batteries.

    Eric M Zeigler

  2. Sean B Adcock

    From the startup the controller has worked as advertised. The documentation that came with the controller is reasonably clear and understandable for the lay person. However, I recommend downloading the controller manual from their website rather than using a magnifying glass to read the manual that was enclosed. The thing that really stood out for me was that they have a telephone number in the manual and my two contacts with them has been stellar.

    Sean B Adcock

  3. Vincent J Yingling

    Works great. I went with this units over the others I see with all the features. Back light, how much power is panel putting out, how much battery power do you have, what is the temperature in the battery bay etc. All is that is just a drain on what you’re trying to do, which is to charge the battery. I mounted this unit in my 5th wheel trailer by the inverter. Easy to use and straight forward. Nice to set type of battery !

    Vincent J Yingling

  4. Anna D Phipps

    It is a simple hookup. It just works! I used it to replace another charge controller that had too many bells and whistles but the other brand just quit after one season which also ruined the battery. The bad battery would no longer charge even with a smart battery charger with trickle charge. I used cheap 12v battery charger and leaving that overnight seems to have fixed the gel battery.

    Anna D Phipps

  5. Ryan J Deaton

    Set up the 100W solar panel over a year ago and the “SOLARLAND” charge controller has efficiently regulated the suns rays ever since. Truly amazing is seeing it holding back from overcharging on a cloudy day. I recommend this to beginner DIY solar power projects highly !

    Ryan J Deaton

  6. Charles C Harrison

    I’ve had absolutely zero problems, works as advertised. I use this 10A charge controller in a small off grid system on my 40 acre property. Beware of reviewers that have little to no electrical background or experience with PV systems, this is a great unit !

    Charles C Harrison

  7. Bessie A Singleton

    Super easy install. Simply insert probe between batteries and then run the wire to the charge controller and plug in !

    Bessie A Singleton

  8. Rosio D Webb

    The temp sensor completed my charger setup. Now the charger knows how much the batteries can charge at without overheating.

    Rosio D Webb

  9. Ronnie E Campfield

    Easy to install with good instructions. Works great. Installed in our Bigfoot truck camper. Didn’t have a lot of space to mount a solar charge controller. This unit is nice and compact so it was easy to find a place to mount it !

    Ronnie E Campfield

  10. Dianne J Barrett

    This product was purchased to replace another brand that quit working after two days. It is very simple to use and has very few settings. Time will tell how dependable it is but so far so good.

    Dianne J Barrett

  11. Viola J Adams

    Plugged it in so I assume it is working. Noticed a slight change in how the batteries were charging but can offer detailed results due to the type of charger. Loved it !

    Viola J Adams

  12. Kerry J Lewis

    Great product ! For some odd reason in heavy sunlight with two solar panels in parallel somehow over volt this controller at 19.3V but its no biggie, I just tape a white piece of paper over one of the cells on the panel and it brings it down to 18.8V which works.

    Kerry J Lewis

  13. Earlene J Middlebrooks

    Plugged it in so I assume it is working. Noticed a slight change in how the batteries were charging but can offer no detailed results due to the type of charger.

    Earlene J Middlebrooks

  14. Jessica D Board

    Very reliable controller and after a solid year of use I have had no issues ! Automatically switches to float mode when the batteries reach 14.25 volts and keeps it floating at a constant 13.5 volts.

    Jessica D Board

  15. Robert D Heins

    I purchased this unit to install in my travel trailer. I have a 250W panel, and was looking to unplug the trailer from the house to keep the batteries up. This installed in a few minutes. And is operating well. Batteries are kept fully charged with no AC from the house.

    Robert D Heins

  16. Marilyn M Rivera

    I should have just bought it with my solar panel ! Solarland makes the best solar products I have purchased ! I highly recommend them !

    Marilyn M Rivera

  17. Olive T Grimes

    Real good product nice and easy to mount it started right away charging in cloud weather. I like the quality and consistency of the unit !

    Olive T Grimes

  18. Gerald M Sampson

    Nice price, easy to set up, instructions could be better, but I was able configure for my use very quickly. Simple and quick setup, couldn’t be happier.

    Gerald M Sampson

  19. Jeremy R Logsdon

    I bought this controller as the charging voltages corresponded to the charging voltages for my AGM battery with the exception that the float voltage is a bit higher than I need. That is not a concern as my panel is portable and if I am just charging the battery, I will disconnect it once the battery is full. The voltage was fine.

    Jeremy R Logsdon

  20. Willie B Hall

    Yes, good quality piece. Seems to calibrate good. Very prompt service/delivery.

    Willie B Hall