USE-2 Wire Spool for Solar, Single-Insulated 10 AWG, 7-Strand, Black

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1 in stock (can be backordered)


1 in stock (can be backordered)

#10 USE-2 PV Cable 600V x 500′ BLACK 7 strands MC-4 compatible SOLAR CABLE UV RESISTANT UL LISTED high quality copper conductors quality black insulation easy to use solar cable

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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  1. Keith

    This is my second roll of AWG 10 USE-2 wire. The cylinder is more efficient than my first roll. Accurate to the pic (wood ends). USE-2 is required for intense sun exposure on the roof. They shipped to Hawaii for an extra fee which is wonderful. Highly recommend the seller and the product.


  2. Walter N Brown

    Well made and good buy for your solar needs I used this for my whole solar install and had some to spare.

    Walter N Brown

  3. Patrick N Johnson

    Heavy duty, brought plenty of cable for my solar array system.

    Patrick N Johnson

  4. Mark C Ferguson

    Works perfectly. Brought this few days ago. Connect with my solar panel and battery. Very low resistance ! Smoothly pass the current from solar to battery.

    Mark C Ferguson

  5. Larry A Albury

    I brought this to setup my solar panel’s. Those wire are perfectly in size. I have completed my whole setup with this wire. Quality of this wire is very good.

    Larry A Albury

  6. John B Johnston

    Works perfectly ! High quality wire and pure copper are used in it. No issue detected.

    John B Johnston

  7. Ruben K Guizar

    USE-2 Wire Spool for Solar is exactly what our business has been lacking. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!

    Ruben K Guizar

  8. George M Root

    I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Best. Product. Ever!

    George M Root

  9. Bobby H Davis

    USE-2 Wire Spool for Solar is worth much more than I paid. Getting the great service since I brought it ! Highly recommended !

    Bobby H Davis

  10. Gregory M Corbin

    USE-2 Wire is the highest quality wire for marine or automotive use that I have used. It is very flexible, has a thick, tough insulation, and strips perfectly. It seems very resistant to internal corrosion compared to non-tinned wire.

    Gregory M Corbin

  11. Ricardo V Martin

    You should not use any other wire for your boat or car than USE-2 wire. This wire is solid copper with each strand tinned. Other wire is aluminum that is copper plated then tinned. The other brands claim to meet the marine specifications, but they will corrode away in just a couple months. This is what you want to use.

    Ricardo V Martin

  12. Dennis L Vollmer

    Probably it’s the only manufacturer who still makes products of high quality, without using any tricks to hide true size to US Standard specs. The Highest quality. Made of copper. All proper listings and grades are marked on the cable.

    Dennis L Vollmer

  13. Kenneth L Velasco

    This wire grade is very flexible. More strands of wire lessens the chance of breaking. Lots of cheaper wire out there, but not near as good. I found this as the best wire !

    Kenneth L Velasco

  14. James A Reed

    You can’t go wrong with this wire. Worked great for rewiring my switch panel and console accessories on my boat. Price was much cheaper than I could find locally.

    James A Reed

  15. Thomas A Charles

    Just for workshop use, at a cheap price. I was very satisfied, and liked the product. Yes, I would highly recommend this !

    Thomas A Charles

  16. Jason A Wiese

    Great wire indeed ! I used some of it to build a dipole antenna, and the rest for an audio project. Does not break easily when twisted or crimped.

    Jason A Wiese

  17. Cornelius H Parham

    Very good cable ! This is copper wire, not copper coated aluminum or steel wire. It is getting harder to find real copper wire. Fix my electrical problem for the center console.

    Cornelius H Parham

  18. Jim L Horner

    They were selling this wire at a good price. Also, it fit my specifications, so I said why not? I used this to string together a battery pack consisting of 12 volt batteries. This well-made wire worked quite well.

    Jim L Horner

  19. Joan D Springs

    Used re-wiring my boat. Easy to install, pull and splice. Would use again for my next project. Really a Good quality product.

    Joan D Springs

  20. Harry B Craig

    This copper wire is very good quality and flexibility. Really great stuff ! Fully tinned copper wire. This is very nice wire to work with.

    Harry B Craig

  21. Ivan A Wyatt

    Really a Perfect cable for replacing the damaged battery cable of the hydraulic lift gate on my truck ! Loves the quality. Highly recommended !

    Ivan A Wyatt

  22. Clinton M Cruz

    Exactly what you need. Very thick cable and thick insulation, it handles the power demands without any problem, and is very easy to work with. Everyone should buy this when they’re rewiring their car, RV or whatever.

    Clinton M Cruz

  23. John A Walker

    Better than expected. Quality product, Quality wire, works great!. Used it over a year ago and still holding up very nicely.

    John A Walker

  24. Frank C Zimmerman

    Simply the best commonly available wire ! Mine came nicely spooled and was perfect for rewiring my old truck.

    Frank C Zimmerman

  25. Michael E Shore

    Excellent. Look no further. Tough insulation yet flexible. Tried to burn it with propane torch. It put up a real good fight and still protected the wire!

    Michael E Shore

  26. Thomas D Stegman

    Worked great for my pontoon boat rebuild ! Very good quality wire. Liked it !

    Thomas D Stegman

  27. Donald N Spangler

    Just as shown in add, wire worked great for all my grounds for my radio equipment. I have to give it five stars.

    Donald N Spangler

  28. Juan E Toole

    Received item as expected with no issues. Thanks for an amazing product !

    Juan E Toole

  29. Jonathan E Shin

    Very useful into auto applications in areas exposed to heat & moisture. Perfect and affordable too !

    Jonathan E Shin