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Summer is coming and you know your going to go camping! But how do you keep all your and more importantly your kids devices charged with out plugging in to the grid or draining your car battery? A small solar kit might be just the right answer to your needs.  Small Solar Kits come in many sizes and variations from the hand held portable lanterns and blow up lights and cell phone sized battery banks to larger  systems that mount to your RV, Tent, Trailer or other Vehicle. Each of these will include the following components a solar panel to gather the solar charge, a charge controller to monitor and properly charge the battery bank and a means for you to access the stored DC power in the battery bank larger systems will also have a inverter to change the DC current from the battery bank to AC power allowing you to plug in your normal household appliances these larger systems generally have a monitoring system some you can access from your smart phone.

You can start off with a small basic solar kit and expand from there as you require more power also when your camper or RV is in storage the solar keeps your batteries from being drained down this is a great benefit as i’m sure many of you  have pulled up to your rig only to find it has a dead or weak battery and suddenly your working on it instead of enjoying camping with your family.

All of the kits we have on our web site have been used on RV’s, Trailers, Cabins, sheds, airplane hangers, Boats some of the real small ones are very popular and often used to keep gate controllers and seldom used equipment fully charged and ready to go at a moments notice.

Here is a link to our solar kits page if you don’t see what you need drop me a email or call us and we will design a system to fit your specific needs.

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