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Solar Safety as with safety around any and all electrical systems is very important. For the average solar system owner solar safety is probably one of the last things on your mind and if your system was installed properly and labeled well you will probably never need to think about it however if something should happen do you know how to shut your solar power system down safely and completely? This is where Proper labeling of your solar power system is essential and should be very easy to read and follow the labels, diagrams or other instructions as a system owner you should be familiar with how to shut your system down. You should go and look at your system and meter main electrical  panel just to make sure you understand how to do it and if you cant figure it out call the people that installed it for you and get it explained to you or labeled so anyone can quickly shut the solar system down. This type of labeling is required by the national electrical code and should have been clearly labeled at time of installation. If your labels are faded or missing entirely we can help you get what you need to fix it.

If your a Solar system Installer You should be familiar with the labeling requirements for the area that you are installing the system in.

Have you ever Failed your Solar Inspection because you did not have the Safety Label that the inspector wanted?
Never Fail another Solar Inspection Again !!!
We have Value pack kits of Solar Safety Labels based on the year of the national electrical code that you are building the solar system to. We also can create custom Labels and Placards to suite your or the inspectors exact requirements. Visit our online solar equipment store for all the solar parts you could ever want or need including many solar safety labels.

Solar is the future of energy and Solar Safety is something we all need to become familiar with if you have questions or need help with correctly labeling your system give us a call at 1-805-218-1151 or drop us a email at were here and we can help. Below I have attached two helpful links to diagrams or inspector guides explaining the solar labeling requirements based on 2014 and 2017 NEC national electrical code 690.  for PV Systems. THESE ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY PLEASE CONSULT YOUR LOCAL AHJ (CITY/COUNTY) INSPECTORS FOR THE EXACT REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR AREA

NEC 2014 Solar Label Poster

NEC 2017 Solar Label Poster

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