Solaria’s Proposal Tool Now Available

Solaria Corp., a global provider of advanced solar energy products, says its Solaria Proposal Tool is now available. 

The Solaria Proposal Tool is delivered on the OpenSolar platform, combining a cloud-based solar system design tool that enables dealers to work interactively with their customers with Solaria product content and functionality and high-resolution imagery.

Solaria is offering the Proposal Tool for free to its Pro Partner dealer network, as well as Solaria solar panel installers across the U.S. Supported on both desktop and mobile devices, the Solaria Proposal Tool supports dealers who wish to work in person or remotely.

“Solaria’s design tool is the perfect companion for our PowerXT solar panels,” says Howard Wenger, president of Solaria. 

“Now installers can work with their customers remotely to develop and sell solar designs quickly and easily. We’re excited to have our Pro Partners win more business with this innovative proposal and sales tool,” he adds.

The Solaria Proposal Tool automatically calculates the impact of shade on solar generation due to nearby objects, taking into account the Solaria panel’s performance in partial shading conditions.

For more information about Solaria’s Proposal Tool, click here.

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