The SolaTrim® Solution
Solves the  issues with panel rodent and bird. Now customers are assured they can protect their rooftop solar investment for years to come.
With the SolaTrim Solution, Solar Cable wiring and the underside of solar modules are no longer be vulnerable to the intrusion of pigeons, squirrels, rats and other rodent threats. All of these pests love nesting under roof-mounted solar arrays and  do serious damage to the solar cables that carry the solar power to the rest of the solar system, this can and does create  fire hazards and other maintenance issues not to mention one heck of a mess to clean up. This is a big problem with many if not potentially all roof mounted solar systems this simple product solves the problem and even makes the solar array look clean and almost seamless with the roof around it.

Get yours today and protect your solar investment from pesky rodents.



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