Sunport Power Debuts Trio of New Solar Photovoltaic Modules

PV module manufacturer Sunport Power has released three new products featuring its proprietary metal wrap-through (MWT) back-contact technology: the C10 panel with higher efficiency and lower voltage, the C10-Pro panel with heterojunction technology, and the M series MWT bifacial panel.

With a conductive foil backsheet, cells on the panel can be connected free from numbers, distance and direction, Sunport Power says. The company achieves a special triple parallel connection design to support half-cut M6 (166 mm) wafers and significantly reduces the panel working voltage. The maximum power output of the C10 panel can reach 660 W, with a conversion efficiency up to 21.5%.

Improving on the C10 panel, Sunport Power’s C10-Pro panel combines the company’s MWT technology with HJT technology, enabling new highs in PV panel performance: a conversion efficiency of 22.8%, with total panel output up to 700 W.

“It inherits the platform advantage of back-contact MWT technology, plus HJT structure,” says Dr. Lu Zhonglin, vice president of Sunport Power. “With MWT’s low-temperature, strain-free encapsulation technology, we have perfectly solved the difficulty in encapsulation of the HJT cell.”

Finally, the duo-glass M series achieves an ideal integration of MWT back-contact and bifacial technology.

“The M series panel uses full-back welding and flat interconnection technology on the back side, eliminating the strains caused by bending strips on the cell gaps, as in conventional ribbon connection,” he explains. “It is very suitable for terrains with high ground reflection.”

The company notes that the M series uses 72 166 mm cells, providing up to 460 W front power with a conversion rate of 21.1% and bifacial rate of 70%.

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