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The Midnite solar MNB17 is a game changer in my opinion as it is the first system that I have seen to be built like industrial electrical equipment is built and I what do I mean by that well it is modular with the ability to hot swap components just like large industrial motor control centers are built this is reveloutionary thinking in the solar industry here is what the manufacture has to say about their MNB17.
MidNite inverter systems are a game changing innovation that will revolutionize system design and installation. The MNB17 is the most advanced battery based inverter/charger system ever devised and with eight patents pending, MidNite is the only manufacturer of a system like this. Our inverter/charger and MPPT solar and wind modules are hot swappable and available in various voltage configurations.
One person installation. Nothing heavy to man handle.
Hours of installation time will be saved on each job.
Up to five 2kW inverter/charger modules, up to two 5000 and 8000 watt MPPT modules depending on model.
Five bays to suit your needs
Redundant power modules do not take the system down if one fails
Built in E-Panel
Two 600V/100A breakered PV inputs, two breakered 80 amp 120/240VAC inputs
Breakered 80 amp 120/240VAC AC Bypass
250 amp battery breaker (48V battery)
Battery types supported: Flooded, Gel, AGM, Nickel-Iron, Lithium, NiCad
Built in Ethernet
Optional communications module to talk to most MidNite products
Built in state of charge meter with Whizbang Jr.
Built in LEDs in the wiring compartment provide lighting for installation
Talking graphics panel
Battery monitoring system provides visual and audible battery condition alerts
System will speak English, Spanish and French
SPD lightning arrestors included in the MNB17-5
Aux inputs and outputs with remote battery voltage and temp sensing
Off-grid, battery backup grid tie, self-consumption all in one unit
Nine meters all with dual scales eliminate the need to hunt for a voltmeter
Three phase system for International and commercial applications

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