Trina Solar Launches Next-Generation Vertex Module

Trina Solar Co. Ltd. has launched two next-generation Vertex series modules with a power output of up to 600 W. The company expects to realize the mass production of a 550 W series in the final quarter of this year. 

Several representatives of upper, middle and lower streams of the industrial value chain of the 600 W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, representing manufacturers of silicon, wafers, cells, modules, trackers, inverters, materials and equipment, took part in a launch event to witness the new next-generation Vertex series modules. 

“The next-generation Vertex modules include a 210 mm silicon wafer, high-density packaging and multi-busbar technologies which deliver a photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 21%,” says Dr. Zhang Yingbin, head of product strategy and value management at Trina Solar.

“By virtue of low-voltage and high-module string power output, the new Vertex series unlocks huge potential for further reducing balance-of-system costs. By collaborating with key players across the industry chain, we believe the Vertex modules developed on the basis of a new technology platform will help reduce the levelized cost of energy across various applications and maximize customer value,” he adds.

The next-generation Vertex series modules tout three key characteristics: the combination of non-destructive cutting, high-density packaging and multi-busbar technologies; low voltage and improvement in power output of a single module string by more than 35%; and significant value in greatly reducing balance-of-system costs.

Photo: Trina Solar unveiling the Vertex 600 W series module

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