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Welcome to Our Thanksgiving Sale

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What does Founder, Joe Omweg, Recommend? After twenty years of working in the business Joe says “Don’t forget the cables”.

Cables are the lifeline of any solar installation job. These cables are high Quality #10 AWG , 50 feet long, solar cables that are made in the USA. We keep these beauties in stock so that we can ship them to you fast.

Black and Red #10 Electrical Solar Cable 50′ Bonus 10 Cable Clips


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175W Solar Panel Made in the USA


Start your system off right with high quality solar panels. These 175 watt solar panels are American made high quality monocrystalline solar panels have a black frame and are a great solution for off-grid as well as RV applications. They are small enough to ship with UPS or FedEx.  They weigh in at only 22 pounds so easy to install in remote areas. Don’t forget the cables.


Schneider Conext SW 4kW 120/240VAC 24VDC Inverter/Charger RNW8654024

Solar panels get all the attention. Sometimes we forget how important the inverter is to our system. This inverter is top of the line quality.

This off-grid or battery backup inverter will deliver 3,400 watts of pure sine wave power at 120/240Vac making it great for homes or cabins. Schneider’s line of SW inverters have built-in chargers to keep your battery bank charged from a generator or other AC power source.


MNPV6 Solar Combiner Box Midnite Solar

Keep it all organized and your connections out of sight. This Midnite Solar Photovoltaic Combiner accepts dinrail mount breakers, ensuring compliance with NEC requirements for combiners when more than 2 strings of photovoltaic modules are installed. DC breakers protect wiring from potential fire in the event of module failure. Handles six 150V DC breakers.


Are You Ready To Get In The RV and Go Visit Family This Holiday?

150 Watt 12 Volt DC RV Solar Panel Starter Kit

This kit is the answer to your travel connectivity issues. This is an easy to install and expandable solar power starter kit for your RV or boat. Easy to mount and install and will give you power wherever you need it.

150 Watt 12 Volt DC RV Solar Panel Starter Kit with 150W solar panel Blue Sky Energy SC30 Charge controller solar panel mounts and 50′ of #10 solar wire. Rated 150 Watt 12VDC.


Batteries are the lifeblood of your system and ensure you have power even when the sun has gone to bed


This battery is durable, reliable and safe. The PVX-1040T is a common 12 volt renewable energy battery for solar, wind and back up energy storage. Preferred for its compact 27 battery size and deep cycling capacity, the PVX-1040T features clean, sustainable, efficient operation. Since 1987, Sun Xtender has been designing valve regulated lead acid batteries with AGM construction (VRLA-AGM). The non-spillable construction allows the battery to be used upright or on its end or side and the maintenance free AGM design means no water replenishment ever.

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