TZS the latest to cut wafer prices, launches new 218.2mm wafer size

TZS is the solar industry’s second-largest supplier of solar wafers, behind LONGi Solar. Image: TZS.

Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor (TZS) has become the latest solar wafer manufacturer to cut prices, while also launching a new 218.2mm-size wafer.

Late yesterday TZS confirmed it had cut wafer prices by as much as 12.5%, with the starkest fall reserved for 166mm (M6) wafers. Perhaps most notably, however, is that TZS reduced the price of its 210mm (M12) wafers by 6%, falling to RMB8.55 per piece, the first time M12 wafer prices have been cheaper than RMB9/pc since mid-October.

TZS also launched yesterday a new wafer size, taking the industry beyond the M12 210mm size with a 218.2mm wafer.

The new “super-large” wafers have been initially priced at RMB9.22/pc.

TZS said it had launched the new wafer size in response to customer demand for higher-power products, adding that the new size could be produced using the company’s existing 210mm wafer lines.

Earlier this week LONGi Solar cut its wafer prices across the board, with 182mm (M10) wafer prices falling by nearly 10%.

Price reductions by both manufacturers substantiate cuts forecasted in last week’s PV Price Watch.