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What is a Solar Power System? Well lets take a look at this diagram of a typical off grid solar system and we can do a little walk through of the system hopefully explaining on the way.

We start out with the solar panels the positive and negative DC power generated from these solar panels flows through wires to a combiner box that connects  strings of solar panels into  one DC power feed to the Disconnecting means for the charge controller there the state of charge for the battery bank is monitored and if the batteries need charging then the charge controller allows the DC power to feed to  through a disconnecting means for the battery to charge controller wiring at the battery bank you have the option of utilizing the DC power or send this power through a disconnecting means to protect the wiring and inverter  and shunt to measure the amount of current going through the system  at the Inverter  the DC power is transformed into  usable AC power that we are all use to using in our day to day lives. This AC power flows from the inverter through YES again another Disconnecting means through a bypass switch that can isolate where the power is being derived from ie inverter or generator/ grid power after the power flows through the bypass switch it goes to a distribution panel that divides it up into circuits that power your daily life.

This is a lot simpler than  it sounds and i left out a few minor items but didn’t want to totally overwhelm any of you and remember if you have questions or need help with your solar power system just give us a email or phone call we are here to help make getting solar easier

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