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Renewable energy is becoming more and more affordable, and that is dramatically increasing power-generation options for homeowners. Thankfully, it is now possible for homeowners to install their own renewable energy generators, including wind turbines. Here are some reasons to choose wind as your renewable energy source.

Wind Is a Growing Energy Resource

According to Kiwi Energy, the total capacity of wind turbines in the world reached 597 gigawatts in 2018. This is a massive number that’s capable of powering a wide swath of buildings. As wind technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, it becomes more capable of powering additional structures. As a result, it is growing rapidly. Indeed, generally speaking, renewable energy’s growth is outpacing the growth of traditional fossil fuels. Furthermore, the field is becoming more efficient, and regular technological advances continue to make it easier for wind generation to grow as a source of energy.

It’s Clean

Without a doubt, wind energy’s greatest benefit is that it leaves none of the environmental devastation commonly associated with other forms of energy generation, like gas, coal or oil. Other forms of energy are capable of generating a similar lack of carbon pollutants, like nuclear, but nuclear energy comes with its own major problems, such as the risk of a meltdown or generation of hazardous waste. That isn’t a problem for wind energy. Once the turbines are generated, there is no dangerous byproduct. You will never have to worry about a wind-energy meltdown that’s capable of killing or poisoning millions of people.

It’s Affordable and Potentially Profitable

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the capital costs of installing wind turbines have dropped dramatically in recent years. Depending on where you live, wind energy may be cheaper to purchase than traditional fossil fuels. Additionally, in many cases, the traditional electricity-generation model is changing. Creating power is no longer just for massive electric companies; power generation has become a two-way street. If you install your own wind turbines and have excess power capacity, you can potentially sell that energy back to your power company and make a profit yourself. In the long-run, wind turbines can make you money.

Renewable energy in general and wind energy specifically are capable of changing the energy landscape. Wind-based power generation has become significantly more affordable and portable, meaning it is now much more appropriate for residential development. Best of all, it gives all of us a chance to generate power in a more environmentally appropriate fashion while potentially earning money in the long-run.

Wind is a great source of renewable energy, but so is solar power. If you want to install solar panels on your home instead, we have lots of great panels and other supplies to choose from!

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