100W 12V Solar Panel

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  • 100 Watt solar panel provides up to 100 watts of clean, free, renewable solar power
  • Designed for RVs, cabins, homes, boats, back-up power and remote power use
  • Perfect for 12 volt battery charging?
  • 100 W solar panel can provide 300-600 Watt Hours of power per day depends on sunlight availability
  • Grade A solar cells; Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame
  • Safe and Easy to use

Our Global Solar Supply 100 Watt Solar Panel allows you to start producing free, clean power from the sun! Perfect for RV’s, boats, cabins and back-up power! Multiple 100 Watt Solar Panels can be wired in parallel to increase charging current (amps) to a 12 volt battery. Or multiple? 100 Watt Solar Panels can be wired in series to increase voltage for 24 volt or 48 volt battery charging.


4 in stock (can be backordered)

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 39.5 × 26.5 × 2 in

Based on 23 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Tim E Lamoreaux

    Overall this is a great solar panel. It is surprisingly light and compact sized for 100 watts of poly cells but also seems to be durable and of high quality in its frame and casing.

    It outputs a steady 18 volts DC pretty much the whole time it is daylight even in the early morning and just before dark though the amperage goes down depending on the sun exposure, the steady voltage means that it can be used for longer.

    Tim E Lamoreaux

  2. Brian L Lewis

    I have bought three of these, the first one over a year ago. This solar panel has held up through all kinds of weather and is still going strong!!! Two of them handled baseball size hail with no damage at all. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to get solar panels, to buy this one!!! They are strong and work great!!!

    Brian L Lewis

  3. Michael F Muller

    Shipped fast, well packed with double boxes and works a little better than intended. It has a tendency to underrate their panels, and they will produce about 130 watts per panel in full sunlight.

    Michael F Muller

  4. David C Carter

    Durable and strong quality ! Received the product three days ago. It can easily charge my battery within a day. Quality product ! Really loved it.

    David C Carter

  5. Walter T Summerville

    Brought this for my farm and I have managed to set it up on the roof. It can easily catch all the lights and charge my big battery. Really, more than I expected. I would like to buy another for my home as well.

    Walter T Summerville

  6. Myron J Bearce

    Getting the best performance. Really A solar cell are used in it. Brought this for as back-up power. Easy to use and safe too.

    Myron J Bearce

  7. Norbert M Brown

    Brought two of this and using with my 12v Big battery. It’s very surprising that it charges my battery faster than other solar panel I used before, Really it’s a good solar panel indeed !

    Norbert M Brown

  8. Joshua K Pieper

    Batteries on rv now stay fully charged, coupled with the voyager charge controller, everything working well.

    Joshua K Pieper

  9. Gregory D McBride

    I’m very happy with the quality of these panels. And I would recommend them. I have been using them for several years without any issues.

    Gregory D McBride

  10. Clarence R Hughes

    Bought this to add on to my RV solar, Like it so much I purchased a second one within 4 days ! Output was what they said it would be !

    Clarence R Hughes

  11. Henry B Carroll

    I just order a second panel to add to my small off grid system. Powers phones, tablets, and LED lights at the hunting shack. Much better than running a generator.

    Henry B Carroll

  12. Ryan C Steele

    Panels are great on low level light if using the correct inverter. I recommend users to buy this solar panels. I wish I bought them sooner !

    Ryan C Steele

  13. Robert D Jacob

    Really easy to use. Keeps batteries charged while raining. Just don’t let the control box get wet. We just set the panels under the edge of our travel trailer to protect it.

    Robert D Jacob

  14. Wesley M Winn

    Well made and heavy ! It charges to required voltage and looks very well-made. I have the pair on an emergency battery box so have only used them twice, but they have worked flawlessly !

    Wesley M Winn

  15. John D Manchester

    I plan to get more of these and replace other more expensive ones because this charges a lot faster !!

    John D Manchester

  16. Mark D Greathouse

    Very solid and well-built. Works great. Also, their customer service is very responsive. Definitely would buy again !

    Mark D Greathouse

  17. Adam V Juarez

    I Received them today and examined them and tried them out. They are well-built and well worth the price. Thanks for such an excellent product !

    Adam V Juarez

  18. Jeffrey T Pearson

    High quality panel with a nice aluminum frame. I measured 6.3A short circuit current. 17.9V open circuit voltage !

    Jeffrey T Pearson

  19. Richard M Smith

    Arrived on time and also in great shape working great would recommend to anyone better than I was expecting it to be might order more later on.

    Richard M Smith

  20. Martin D Mosley

    Great panel indeed ! Power output meets expectations during ideal conditions. I mounted this on my truck for camping. I get decent results for my area.

    Martin D Mosley

  21. Rolando B Bennett

    I mounted one of these on top of my boat and it recharged a dead battery in about 6 hours. Now I don’t have to worry about what I leave turned on at night. I simply switch to the 2nd battery for starting and let the sun recharge the other battery.

    Rolando B Bennett

  22. Robert P Taylor

    Wonderful. Easy to install, sturdy framing, charges great. Picks up low light and starts to charge. I will be getting more to upgrade my power grid.

    Robert P Taylor

  23. Wilson D Smith

    I am starting to setup a little solar system and got a couple of these panels so far. I think they are very well-made and the price is great! So far they have been well worth getting !

    Wilson D Smith